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Best Stemware Racks

Walk into any good bar or restaurant and order a drink, and the first place your bartender reaches is probably above his/her head. Why? Because that's where the glasses are. Not only is it more convenient to store glasses in an elevated space, but also it's also safer, more sanitary, and reduces clutter around the bar top and workstations. Not to mention, it provides a certain aesthetic that shows off the selection of glassware and allows the lights of the room to bounce around and draw your eyes in. While your kitchen cabinets and living room hutch may be a perfectly adequate place to keep your stemware, you can also model what the professionals do and keep them within reach and on display right beneath your countertops or shelves around your kitchen.
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Most Compact

 DecoBros 2PK Single Rail Wine Glass Stemware Rack Holder

Sturdy & Easy to Install

This pack of two, compact stainless steel racks allow you to display and easily access up to eight champagne flutes, eight smaller wine glasses, six larger red wine glasses, or a combination of your go-to stemware.

What We Liked

At 10-inches long, 4.25-inches wide, and 1.5-inches high, these compact and unobtrusive racks are easy to install and help keep your go-to stemmed glassware in reach anywhere in your kitchen. They're sturdy and just large enough to keep enough glasses on display for serving a handful of guests, whether it's champagne, white wine, red wine, or cordials. They come with a variety of mounting hardware options to suit screwing and attaching to most common kitchen cabinets. Order Online.

Most Versatile

Fomansh Wine Glass Rack

Colors to Match Your Cabinets

Available in black, brown, gold, and white to match your cabinets and kitchen aesthetic, this wine rack is easy to install and holds up to nine stemware glasses.

What We Liked

This wine rack is suitable for storing a variety of stemware with bottoms between 4cm and 9cm, meaning virtually any burgundy glass, white wine glass, champagne flute, cocktail glass, or brandy glass will fit. The four color options allow you to match your kitchen's color scheme and aesthetic and the coated iron construction won't oxidize, rust or rub off on your stemware. In addition to the 3-row design, the rack is also available in a two-pack of 3-rows, and one or two pack, of 4-rows. Purchase Yours Today.

Best Design

Oenophilia Under Cabinet Stemware Rack

Keeps Glasses Clean & Accessible

With its modern chrome finish and space-saving design, the Oenophilia stemware rack can hold between 6 and 9 glasses, depending on size, and helps keep your glasses clean, dry, and always within reach.

What We Liked

Your favorite wine glass doesn’t deserve to share a shelf with a crusty old coffee mug that might end up being shoved into it and cause chipping or breaking. If you're an oenophile (wine enthusiast), you'd probably prefer your favorite stemware to get some special treatment. That's what this stemware rack does: keeps up to 9 of your favorite wine glasses elevated, free from the clutter of cabinets, clean, and dry. Get It Here.

Best Overall 

Useful. It's Under Cabinet Stemware Rack

Store Up To 18 Glasses Under Your Cabinet

Despite its compact and modern design, this cabinet stemware rack from Useful. has room for a whopping 18 wine glasses.

What We Liked

Whether you collect hand painted glasses, do a lot of entertaining, or have a hodgepodge collection of red wine glasses, white wine glasses, brandy glasses, and champagne flutes with no designated storage space, this rack can give all of your favorite stemware a home. It has room for up to 18 stemmed glasses in its 6 rows, allowing you to free up your cabinet space and give your glassware more room to dry, shine, and display. The rack is easy to install with a handful of included screws and compact enough to mount beneath most standard kitchen cabinet spaces. Buy Now.