Best Sunflower Butter

When it comes to spreads, the perfect butter is creamy, nutritious, and delicious. While all three traits can be difficult to come by, sunflower butter fits the bill. This delicious spread is interchangeable with any nut butter and serves as an excellent natural source of vitamin E and protein. For your convenience, we’ve compiled a list of our favorite sunflower butters currently available on the market. Read on to see which ones made the cut!

Best Value

SunButter Original Creamy Sunflower Butter


Creamy Bulk Sunflower Butter. This bulk sunflower butter is an excellent value for the price. You won’t run out any time soon!

What we liked: 

If you’re an avid sunflower butter fan, this is the perfect purchase for you. You’ll receive a 6-pack of 16-ounce butter in creamy or crunchy variety. The butter is made with US-grown seeds for a high-quality and consistent product with every purchase. Best of all, the butter is vegetarian, vegan, certified gluten-free, and OU kosher certified, making it great for virtually all households. Purchase Now. 

Best Overall

Trader Joe’s Sunflower Seed Butter


Smooth Sunflower Butter. This sunflower butter is super smooth and creamy and makes for a delicious addition to any bread or cracker.

What we liked: 

You’re sure to love the taste of this super smooth sunflower butter from Trader Joe’s. The organic spread is delicious and nutritious, and it’s packed with high-grade sunflower seeds. Plus, the butter contains no hydrogenated oils, so you can be sure you’re receiving a sunflower packed butter. Overall, this delicious sunflower butter is made to please with its top-notch ingredients list. Get Yours Today.

Most Unique

Organic Dark Chocolate Sunflower Seed Butter 


Decadent Dessert Butter.This delicious dessert sunflower butter is infused with dark chocolate for a truly delicious spread.

What we liked: 

For a sweet twist on traditional nut butter, this dark chocolate sunflower butter is unique and flavorful. The butter is delicious on its own, when used as a spread, or when stirred into oatmeal or smoothies. Plus, each organic butter is crafted in small batches ensuring top-quality tastes with every purchase. Overall, this butter is a deliciously sweet take on nutritious spreads. Buy Now.

Best On-the-Go

Organic Sunflower Butter by Yumbutter


Portable Sunflower Butter Packs. This nut butter comes in a super convenient pouch for easy snacking on the go.

What we liked: 

If you’ve been waiting for a portable protein-packed butter, this is an excellent choice. This organic sunflower butter comes in 6.2-ounce sizes for easy snacking while on the go. Plus, the packaging is entirely resealable to reduce any mess. Best of all, each purchase is a part of the “buy one, feed one” program, so you’ll be able to help those in need by enjoying delicious, creamy sunflower butter. Available On Amazon.  

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