Best Thermoses

When it’s time to take to the road, go to work or on an adventure you want to know your food or drink will stay fresh and at the temperature you want. A bag just won’t hold up and a cooler is too much to lug around. You need a better, easy to use answer. Today’s vacuum insulated bottles, or thermoses, are your solution. They provide hours of predictable temperature control that won’t leak and come with some great features. We give you a look at some of the best food bottles that provide quality and convenience so you can pack a lunch or your favorite beverage with confidence.
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Best Single-Meal Food Bottle

Thermos Stainless King 16 Ounce Food Jar with Folding Spoon

Every Detail Mastered. Attention to detail is the key to the Thermos Stainless King Food Jar. This quality, compact food jar comes with a spoon and serving bowl. Not only will your food stay hot or cold, but they made sure the mouth is extra wide so it’s easy to eat from and to clean.

What We Liked: 

The durable stainless steel is cool to the touch with hot liquids, and it won’t sweat when it’s filled with cold liquids. Thermos vacuum technology provides a superior insulated container you can depend on to keep your food hotter, colder, and fresher, for hours. It comes with a full-sized spoon that folds into the lid and also an insulated top to use as a cup or handy bowl. There are six colors available for the 16-ounce Thermos Food Jar. Buy Now.

Biggest Capacity

Stanley Classic Legendary Vacuum Insulated Bottle 1.5qt

A Big Deal. With a Stanley, you can trust that your favorite hot drink is going to stay piping hot and your iced drinks will be refreshing cold for hours. You’ll always have plenty to drink and share with this big 1.5-quart bottle.

What We Liked: 

The Stanley Classic bottle lives up to a well-earned reputation of keeping food hot or cold for hours. The leak-proof, double-wall vacuum insulated bottle comes with a lid you can use as a cup. The handle on the side means it’s easy to carry on the job, in the car, or out fishing. Safe for the dishwasher and BPA-free, it comes with a choice of three colors. Get Yours Today.

Best Compact Food Thermos

Zojirushi SW-EAE35XA Insulated Food Jar

Get A Grip. Struggling to get a firm grip on your jar can lead to spills and frustration. The Zojirushi Food Jar has taken that worry out of your hands by adding dimples on the lid.

What We Liked: 

Vacuum insulation is improved with an additional copper and aluminum layer tightly wrapped around the outside of the inner stainless steel layer. They come with a gasket-sealed, vented lid that helps keep in the heat while reducing leaks. The BPA-free stainless steel is polished and non-stick to keep out lingering odors. The opening is a big 2.5-inches so it’s easy to get food out and makes cleaning a snap. The jar holds up to 11 ¾ ounces. The clear-coated exterior helps to resist stains and corrosion. Purchase Now.

Kid’s Favorite

DaCool Insulated Lunch Container Hot Food Jar

Ready to Go. It’s great to have a terrific container that keeps your soup hot or your yogurt cold. It’s even better when you can forget about having to pack a spoon. The DaCool Food Jar makes life simpler. They include a stainless steel folding spoon that fits right into the top of the lid.

What We Liked: 

The 16-ounce DaCool Food Jar is made of BPA-free food-grade 304 stainless steel. The double-wall has a 12-micron copper coating and seamless welding technology to ensure your food stays the temperature you want. You get the convenience of a food-grade outer lid that doubles as a cup and is built to prevent leaking. Opening the lid is no hassle thanks to the air pressure release button on top. Plus, the mouth is 3-inches wide so access and cleaning are simple. And they provide a folding spoon that travels right on top. The beautiful pearlite finish is available in five great color choices. Available On Amazon.