Best Utensil Crock

When organizing your kitchen, choosing where each of your tools and utensils go can be a bit of a chore, especially if space is limited. If you cook frequently, you want ladles, spatulas, whisks, mixing spoons and other tools easily accessible. Keeping them in a designated vessel on your countertop, seems to be the most common solution for home cooks–using what's called a utensil crock to keep your cooking utensils upright and within reach. We think utensil crocks make preparing meals a little easier. We decided to take a look at the ones we considered the best for your kitchen. Check them out below and happy organizing!

Most Convenient

OXO Good Grips Stainless Steel Rotating Utensil Holder


3-Compartment Spinning Utensil Crock

This utensil holder from OXO Good Grips features a built-in, three-compartment divider with room for up to 15 large-handled tools and a rotating base for easy access.

What We Liked

From the company that makes virtually every kitchen tool you can think of, this utensil holder from OXO Good Grips took a relatively basic organizing tool and made it more functional and convenient. It’s like the lazy Susan of utensil crocks, with a stainless steel ball bearing rotating base that allows you to spin the crock to access the tools you need. It’s stainless steel finish fits in perfectly with any kitchen layout. Inside are three separate compartments for organizing tools by type and room for up to 15 large-handled utensils. Get it here. 

Most Durable

AdaptChef Large Black Utensil Holder


Sturdy & Stylish Countertop Organizer

Made of galvanized coated steel, this 5×7-inch utensil crock features a timeless design that allows you to free up drawer space and keep your kitchen tools organized and within reach.

What We Liked

Available in black, green, and white this retro-style utensil crock has the aesthetic of an old coffee can with its rolled-edge top and ring-fringed baser! It’s fairly no-frills and works with wooden, steel, and plastic tools. It’s made of non-toxic, food-safe materials and brings a farm-style, rustic look to any kitchen. Buy it now. 

Most Eco-Friendly

Oceanstar Utensil Holder


100% Durable Bamboo

Made of strong, eco-friendly bamboo with a contemporary, wavy-edged opening, this Oceanstar Utensil Holder is compact, lightweight, and spacious enough for all of your go-to cooking tools.

What We Liked

Bamboo is always a good choice in the kitchen. It’s sustainable, eco-friendly, aesthetically pleasing, and food-safe. This utensil holder is no exception, with its dual-layered construction and compact size. Aesthetically, it’s equal parts contemporary and rustic and blends in nicely with any kitchen featuring wood accents. Buy it here. 

Most Decorative

Lifver Kitchen Utensil Holder


Add Some Flare to Your Utensils

Made of a natural porcelain material and featuring an elegant, embossed design available in blue or white, this decorative utensil holder can also be used as an ice bucket, flower vase, and a variety of other uses.

What We Liked

Who knew a utensil crock could look so good? The embossed design and turquoise-blue and pure white color options will stand out in any kitchen, lending an elegant, farmhouse-style accent. At 7.2-inches tall with a 6.2-inch base and opening, the crock has an 88-ounce volume. It’s large enough for your most-used kitchen tools, but compact enough to tuck neatly into corners or tight spaces on your countertop. Additionally, it can be used as a wine chilling or ice bucket, breadbasket, flower face, or really anything else you can think to use it for. Get it now. 

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