Four Best Knife Sharpeners

No matter how good your knives are, they’re going to get dull over time. And that can lead to frustration. Now, with so many choices of how to bring knives back to life, you can make quick work out of food preparation. We’ve rounded up some pretty sharp picks to help you get slicing and dicing again. These top knife sharpener choices presented below range in handheld tools priced around 20 dollars to a premium, sophisticated electrical sharpener at over 115 dollars. Check out the different options to find the perfect knife sharpener for your household.
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Easiest to Use

Piroir 4 In 1 Knife Sharpening Tool

Serious Simplicity. The Piroir three-step system is so easy to use that you’ll never worry about having a dull blade again. Repairs start at “Crude.” Adjust to “Fine” so the Tungsten steel blade can sharpen. Then, polish and eliminate burrs with the ceramic blade labeled “Essence.” It’s that easy!

What We Liked

The cushioned non-slip pads of the sharpener provide a safe and confident feel. And the Prioir is built to last — having passed the 3,000-time service test means you can count on over ten years of use with this sharpener. It’s made using stainless steel, diamond abrasive, and high-quality ABS plastic. What makes it so easy to use is that knives are sharpened by pulling in only one direction about five to eight times. This tool includes a scissor sharpener as well. It’s a great size, too, since it’s large enough to handle and small enough to keep in a drawer. For good measure, it even comes with a mini sharpener that is great to use while camping or outside at a BBQ. Get it now. 

Safest Design

KITCHELLENCE 3-Stage Knife Sharpener

Safe Knife Sharpener. The folks at Kitchellence are focused on safety, and it shows. 

What We Liked

Made with strong materials for durability and safe handling, the quality rubber keeps a grip on surfaces while the solid ABS plastic handle is designed for firm control. Sharpening is made easy by following the numbered steps from one to three. Step one repairs and straightens, step two sharpens, and step three fine tunes. This three-stage sharpener has an ergonomic handle with a slip-proof base so the sharpener doesn’t move around. Plus, they include a Level 5 cut-resistant glove. Buy it here. 

Sharpest Results

Chef’sChoice 15 Trizor XV EdgeSelect Professional Electric Knife Sharpener

Switch to Super Sharpness. Experts agree that Asian-style knives with a 15 degree blade are much sharper than Western-style blades with a 20 degree angle. 

What We Liked

The Trizor XV is simple to use. The flexible spring guides give precision control by automatically adjusting as you sharpen. Diamond abrasives are used in steps one and two to sharpen and hone. Step three polishes with the patented flexible abrasive system. Sharpening time drops from one minute for the first time, to only ten seconds to re-sharpen. Showcasing impressive innovation, the XV will produce razor-sharp blades even with serrated knives. The Chef’s Choice XV converts 20 degree blades to 15 degrees, creating a sharper blade that makes cutting fruits, fish, and vegetables a breeze. Buy it now. 

Top Pick

Presto EverSharp Electric Knife Sharpener

Eliminates the Guesswork. Precision guides set your knives at the perfect angle every time. 

What We Liked

This bargain unit is a pleasant surprise. The EverSharp has three suction cups on the bottom to ensure the sharpener doesn’t scoot around the counter, and it has two bins to capture metal filings. The sapphirite sharpening wheels create better-than-new results, even for some serrated knives. Get amazing results with lightly drawing the blade across the openings a few times, and enjoy a new razor-sharp performance. Built in China to North American Electrical Standards. Get it here.