Four Top Choices for Salt & Pepper

Salt and pepper are the cornerstone spices. We use them before, during and after cooking. Salts come in different flavors, textures, and sizes. Most of us are familiar with table salt, it’s usually supplemented with iodine while others are not. Though there is a big variety in the kind of salts and even pepper to choose from, we regularly rely on the standards; table salt and ground pepper. With one exception, our review looks at the standards. Join us for a minute to find favorites for home, office, restaurants, travel or school.
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Camper’s Choice

Morton's Salt, Mccormick Pepper Pack, 5.25-ounce Shakers

Take Anywhere. The convenient size and sturdy packaging of this set make it perfect for your next overnight trip to the cabin, a few days camping or even out for a picnic.

What We Liked

Morton has been around for over 100 years, supplying quality, reliable iodized salt. The shakers are made of sturdy paper, are easy to pour, and economical. The attractive packaging looks good on any table. Each package comes with one white 4-ounce shaker of iodized salt and a brown shaker containing 1.25-ounces of ground pepper. Get them here. 

Best Salt & Pepper Set for the Office

Office Snax OFX00057 Salt and Pepper Shaker Set

The Office Favorite. The plastic shakers are sturdy so they can handle being passed around the office break room. 

What We Liked

The Office Snax shakers are made of plastic so they’re easily wiped off. The salt is iodized to meet your nutritional needs and the pepper is finely ground. The economical price makes it practical to slip a set of your own into your desk. Each package comes with one white 4-ounce shaker of iodized salt and a brown shaker containing 1.25-ounces of pepper. The simple design delivers just the right amount. No overpour, no office pranks. Buy them now. 

Best Everyday Finishing Set

Seasoning Bundle - 2 Items: McCormick's Sea Salt Grinder 2.12 Oz. and McCormick's Black Peppercorn Grinder 1.0 Oz.

Take a Step Up. The right spice can add a flare to your dishes. By choosing the right salt and pepper you’ll bring out flavors you didn’t know were there.

What We Liked

McCormick put together an attractive pack of finishing spices that every kitchen should use. The quality of sea salt and black peppercorn will add flavors that stand out. The grinders are easy to use, delivering the portion you want without wearing out your hand. Toss on the wrong spices and you’re left with a drab dish. Sea Salt and Peppercorn will take your meal to the next step. There’s no iodide in the salt, and the packages are conveniently small. Buy them here. 

Best Salt and Pepper Packets

2,000 Chef's Quality Salt AND pepper packets

Individual Goodness Packed Right. Every pack is measured to give the perfect amount so there’s no waste or having to open multiple packs. 

What We Liked

The iodized salt packets are pre-measured with 0.75 grams per pack, and the pepper packets are pre-measured with 0.1 gram pepper. Just the right amount for individual use. The attractive packets are clearly marked making them perfect for use in schools, restaurants, and other dining facilities. Each case comes with 1,000 of each. Get them now.