The Best Candlestick Holders

Candlesticks trace their origin back hundreds of years. Still, there is no doubt they have a place in the modern home. The presence of candlesticks at a formal event, such as a dinner party, conveys elegance and sophistication. Even romance on wedding days, anniversaries, and birthdays. To use them properly, though, you’ll need trusty holders. There are literally hundreds of options in terms of design, shape, and material. With candlestick holders, the ones you like best should appeal to your personal aesthetic. They should match the décor that you’ve selected for your home. For instance, you might want brass holders if that will match your tableware, or crystal might turn out to be a better fit. You’ll certainly want them to be composed of high-quality material that is built to last. Check out our top picks below to get your shopping started the right way.

Best Brass

Nuptio Candlestick Holders Taper Candle Holders


Elegant Brass Candlestick Holders. This is a pair of handsome brass candlestick holders that will class up any formal dinner or gathering. Be prepared for the compliments at meal time!

What We Liked

This is a set of two centerpiece candlestick holders in brass. They have a pleasant heft and weight to them. The two different heights are 14 centimeters and 20 centimeters. Candles are not included, so you’ll need to provide your own. These would be great for a wedding or a housewarming present. They would look nice on your dining room table, but also sitting on a bar, in a study, or in the parlor. They can be part of a romantic dinner for you and your significant other, or they could provide illumination for a birthday party or for game night with friends. They are simple, yet elegant, inspired by mid-century design. They are designed to hold any traditional-sized taper candles. Order Online.

Best Glass

Light In The Dark Set of 3 Glass Candle Stick Holders


Gorgeous and Quality Set. This is a set of three hexagonal-shaped glass candlestick holders that measure 9.5 inches tall. 

What We Liked

With this set of three hexagonal glass candlestick holders, you can feel like royalty every time you sit down to dinner. Each one has a clear crystal glass profile and stands 9.5 inches tall. These stately holders will look lovely sitting on your table or mantlepiece. They will accommodate most traditional dinner or taper-style candles. These would make a nice addition for a birthday party, retirement party, high school or college graduation gathering, or a wedding. You can set them alongside a floral arrangement or elevate them near the table to create a dramatic interplay of light and shadow. They are made of high-quality, impact-resistant glass. Purchase Yours Today.

Best Rustic Design

GiveU Rustic 2 Pack Candlestick Decorative Taper Candle Holder for Table Centerpiece


Bring on the Rustic Charm. This set of two candlestick holders is made of masterfully-crafted synthetic resin, and they’re sure to add an elegant flair. 

What We Liked

Here we have a pair of candlestick holders that exude a kind of rustic charm. They are made of handcrafted synthetic resin. The different heights are 7 and 9 inches. They are made to fit all conventional taper-style candle sizes. They are sleek and dark, so if you have a bright interior for your wallpaper and tablecloth, these would contrast with that motif nicely. The candle tray is made of metal, so it will not be damaged by flames that have burned down to the base. These would work well for all seasonal brunches, religious ceremonies, or Shabbat dinners. They also make wonderful gifts for newlyweds or for housewarmings. Get It Here.

Most Unique

Taper Candle Holders


Unusual Design. This taper candle holder set has an unusual appearance that is elegant and sure to garner you some compliments. No dinner guest will be able to resist asking about it!

What We Liked

This is a pack of three minimalist-style taper candle holders in the Nordic design. They have wide bases and exceptionally thin stems. The surface of the holders is electroplated French gold. It is shiny and decorative, but also anticorrosive. The textured luster of these candle holders is truly a site to behold, as they reflect light so that it seems as though they’re sparkling. In actuality, they are made of high-quality iron, so even though they’re thin, there is no chance of them breaking or being damaged. The heavy round base ensures that they’ll stay rooted firmly to the table, even if it gets jostled. These can become a fixture of your living room, dining room, study, or bar. Buy Now.

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