The Best Hot Pots

People say a watched pot never boils, probably because it seems never-ending. Instead of wasting time waiting for things to heat up in the kitchen, try a new kitchen tool that will speed up the process– a hot pot. Hot pots get the job done quickly so you can enjoy your meal without testing your patience. There are a variety of hot pots on the market, with different abilities and designs for various cooking needs. We think everyone should have a hot pot in their kitchen, and we put together a list of the best you can buy.
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Most Innovative Design

Sonya Shabu Electric Mongolian Hot Pot

Twice as Good

This hot pot can make two meals at once.

What We Liked

Want to cook an entrée and a side dish? Don’t cook them separately. This hot pot is made with a convenient divider that allows you to prepare twice as much. Cook two completely different meals, with completely different flavors, at once. For added convenience, this hot pot includes removable cooking pots. It’s safe, easy to use, and cooks fast. What more could you want in a hot pot? Get it here. 

Most Efficient

Proctor Silex Electric Hot Pot

Hot Tea in No Time

Every kitchen or dorm room could use a hot pot like this.

What We Liked

Need something smaller and not quite so hot? The Electric Hot Pot from Proctor Silex has an adjustable heat setting. Boiling water for tea? You can do that. Just need to warm up some soup? No need to use the microwave. Choose just how hot you want your pot, it works faster than a microwave, too. The interior holds up to 32 oz and is made with non-stick material for easy cleanup. Plus, it comes with a one-year warranty. Buy it now. 

Most Stylish

Dezin Electric Hot Pot

Pretty and Pink

The possibilities are endless.

What We Liked

Exhausted from a long week at work? Don’t want to put together an entire meal? Think of this hot pot as your cute dinner buddy, just throw in your ingredients and you’re ready to go. It has dual power options, double-wall construction, over-heat protection, and even more features that ensure safety and functionality. Plus, who can resist this cute pink color. Buy it here. 

Best Safety Design

Electric Hot Pot by TOPWIT

Portable Hot Pot

Perfect size to fit in every home.

What We Liked

Sometimes, you need a little more variety to make your meal perfect. Adventurous cooks will love this hot pot and its multi-purpose functions. It holds a capacity of 1.5L and includes a two-temperature control. Don’t worry about getting too adventurous, even your most original ideas will stand in this hot pot. It has a double wall of stainless steel on the inside to keep food warm and provide easy cleanup. Over-heating and boil-dry protection will keep you and your kitchen safe – no matter what you want to cook. Get it now.