The Top Dehumidifier Drain Hoses

Dehumidifiers are a must in some households. Without a dehumidifier, you can end up with a too-humid home environment that’s not only unpleasant for the entire family, but also could lead to structural damage and issues like mold. However, if you think all you have to do to start dehumidifying your home is just buy the dehumidifier, you’re sorely mistaken. One must-have accessory for your new dehumidifier is a dehumidifier drain hose. Dehumidifier drain hoses ensure that there’s no mess whenever emptying the water that the dehumidifier collects. Conveniently, most can pull double duty around the house in other situations where you need a reliable hose. Check out these four dehumidifier drain hoses available on Amazon.


 Cesun 3 Feet Metal Garden Hose, Short Connector Hose, Water Hose Extension, Extremely Flexible Lead-in Hose, for Hose Reel/RV/Dehumidifier, Lightweight/Durable/Drinking Water Safe


Short, Durable and Just What You Need

Sometimes a smaller hose is simply better.

What We Liked

This short, three-foot dehumidifier drain hose is small, which means it has just what you need if you’re not trying to go very far and don’t want to store a larger hose. Despite the small size, the hose is very heavy-duty, and it is even advertised as puncture proof and dog proof. There’s a 100 percent warranty, too, just in case something does happen to go wrong. Purchase Today.

Best No-Coil 

LDR Industries 504 1300 Garden Dehumidifier Drain Hose


A Convenient, No-Coil Design Provides a Closer Fit

This hose’s special design lays flat to prevent annoying coiling.

What We Liked

If you want a convenient dehumidifier drain hose that will take up as little space as possible, but that’s still longer than the three-foot hose above, this five-foot option might be just the thing. The no-coil design means there are no kinks and the hose lays flat, so it can fit right up against the wall or the dehumidifier. The hose is also customizable, to extend or shorten as needed. Buy Online.

Most Durable 

Solution4Patio Homes Garden 4 ft. Short Garden Hose 5/8 inch Blue Lead-Hose Male/Female Commercial Brass Coupling Fittings for Water Softener, Dehumidifier, RV Filter and Camp Water Tank


Get a Hose That Can Stand Up to Years of Use

Protect your hose from the elements and regular wear and tear, thanks to this hose’s durable design.

What We Liked

This dehumidifier drain hose is heavy-duty and lasts for years thanks to its impressive durability. The hose has a 363 PSI burst strength, nylon reinforcement, and a range of other features that ensure it’ll work in temperatures up to 40 degrees Celsius and down to -10 degrees Celsius. The hose is also UV-resistant, which is convenient for frequent outside use. Order Online.


Suncast Outdoor Garden Hose Extension 10 Feet-for Industrial or Domestic, Use in Your Yard, Black


All the Length You Need, When and Where You Need It

Run this handy hose from any room to the outdoors or the drainage spot of your choice.

What We Liked

At 10 feet, this dehumidifier drain hose is extra long, so it can work in a variety of situations. You can even ask it to pull double duty as a garden hose extender if you need extra length outdoors. The vinyl material is strong, making it suitable for both domestic and industrial purposes. Buy Yours Here.