Top Carboys

Whether you’re making beer, wine, cider, or mead, if you’re an avid home brewer, you know that a great carboy is a key piece of the fermentation process. Carboys can be made from glass or plastic, and they can come in a range of capacities, with different mouth sizes. To help you find the right carboy for your home brewing obsession, we’ve rounded up four popular options. Read on for our take.

Best Plastic

Vintage Shop Carboy6 6 Gallon Plastic Carboy


Less Heft

This carboy is made from PET food-grade plastic and promises to be BPA-free, making it a great option for those who want something lighter than glass. 

What We Liked

This 6-gallon carboy is designed to be free from taste and odors, so your creations aren’t affected. It is meant to be safe to reuse if sanitized properly, Just be aware that it shouldn’t be cleaned with water hotter than 127 degrees Fahrenheit. Get it here. 


Northern Brewer – Big Mouth Bubbler PET Plastic Carboy Fermenter


Reach Inside

This plastic carboy offers an impressive capacity of 6.5 gallons and features a wide mouth to make cleaning a breeze.

What We Liked

For clear measuring, this carboy features volume markers molded into its side. Plus, it uses three-inch thick anti-flex ribs that are designed to give it plenty of durability. Buy it now. 

Best Glass

Beverage Factory KC FP-CB-06 Carboy


Lasting Material

This 6-gallon carboy is made from glass, so it is designed to be a sturdy option that doesn’t scratch easily and can provide years of use, if handled properly.

What We Liked

This glass carboy weighs a mighty 17-pounds, measuring 22 inches high and 10.5 inches wide. While glass has its benefits, it’s important to treat these carboys with care since glass can shatter when it’s exposed to sudden temperature changes. Buy it here. 

Most Portable

Kegco SD-6076J Carboy


Creative Features

This plastic carboy comes with straps that fit around the jar and cross under the bottom, making it easier to move around.

What We Liked

This carboy comes in a 5.5-gallon size, so it is among the smaller options here. It comes with an adjustable dial on the lid, so you can keep track of the date you began fermentation without adding extra notes or markings to the jar. Get it now. 

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