Top Digital Thermometers for Household Use

When building a first aid kit or outfitting a medicine cabinet with everything you might need for a surprise illness or medical emergency, one thing you’ll want to be sure to include is a digital thermometer. Made with normal, household users in mind, these medical devices are intended for the entire family — easy to use, quick to read, and invaluable when someone in your home is sick. Don’t spend time worrying about your child’s health and whether or not they have a temperature the next time they have the sniffles, and don’t worry about your own health when asking yourself if those random chills and achy pains are normal. Get quick answers about body temperature, no doctor visit required, with a digital thermometer.

Most Tech-Savvy 

Purea No-Touch Forehead Thermometer


Instant Results

No touch, no problem. This thermometer is sanitary, tech-savvy, and easy for anyone to use.

What We Liked

This no-touch thermometer allows you to instantly read forehead temperatures without even touching the skin. A separate, in-ear mode allows you to take the temperatures of younger children. The sleek design features an LED screen display, with one-second reading and a fever alarm, so you can always be sure of a reliable result. The LED screen is even easy to read in the dark, so you don’t need to wake the baby just to take their temperature. Buy Online.

Best Classic

 iProven Dt-R1221AWG Medical Thermometer


A Comfortable Process 

If it’s not broken, don’t fix it. If you just want a thermometer like the one your parents used when you were a sick child, go with this classic thermometer that offers only the must-have features.

What We Liked

This thermometer isn’t fancy or tech-heavy, but it does do its job and it does it well. The classic thermometer design is probably one you’ll recognize. It provides 10-second readings and is flexible, for easier use. A smiley face system on the side clearly tells you if the user is ill, in good health, or somewhere in the middle. Order Online.

Best Value 

Medical Oral Thermometer for Adults


Budget-Friendly Thermometer

You don’t need to spend big bucks to properly monitor your family’s health.

What We Liked

This oral thermometer can also be used rectally or under the armpit. It offers high-precision readings within two minutes. You can even use it on pets. Overall, it offers great value for the price. Buy Online.

Most Features 

Touchless Forehead Thermometer for Adults


This Thermometer Can Do It All!

From taking infant temperatures to checking the temp in your living room, this thermometer does a bit of everything.

What We Liked

The infrared thermometer can work on the forehead or ear, and it also takes room and object temperatures. The readings come through in one second flat, and the device can store historical temperatures, up to 35 readings at one time. A fever alarm alerts you when the reading is abnormally high, and a silent mode keeps things quiet if you don’t want to trigger extra worry. Purchase Yours Today.