Top Fillet Knives

Whether you’re a culinary wizard or don’t know a flambé from a frappe, a good knife is indispensable in the kitchen when preparing fish and meat. For the delicate cuts required in fish prep, a fillet knife works best. But any thin, flexible blade will do, as long as it’s sharp. To help you in choosing the right fillet knife for your needs, we’re offering up four of our favorites that are a cut above the rest. You’ll note great features in both filleting performance and all-purpose utility.

Best Value 

Mercer Culinary M23860 Millennia 8-Inch Narrow Fillet Knife


Precision for Less. This fillet knife feels good in your hand and makes smooth, effortless cuts for a great price. 

What We Liked

Can a fillet knife at this affordable price point really be any good? We’re thrilled to answer yes to that question. The high-carbon Japanese steel blade on this knife is delightfully flexible and razor sharp. Plus, the handle is a made soft Santoprene and polypropylene, so it feels comfortable in your hand, affords a no-slip grip, and is easy to clean. An excellent value for the money! Buy Yours Here.

Best On-the-Go

Rapala Fish ‘N Fillet Knife with Sheath


Essential for Your Fishing Trip. The tried and true Rapala Fish ’N Fillet is an all-time classic knife that makes quick, easy work of fillets. Plus, it comes with a genuine leather sheath and a sharpener. 

What We Liked

This is the knife our dad used (and his dad before him). It’s built to last and can easily be passed down from generation to generation. The full-tang Swedish steel blade has plenty of backbone and flexibility, and it holds a razor’s edge. The classic birch handle fits well in your hand to promote precision dexterity. It also comes with a handsome leather sheath and a sharpening device. It’s all perfect for your next fishing or camping trip. Order Here.

Best All-Purpose 

PAUDIN Pro 8-Inch N1 Chef’s Knife


Must-Have for Every Kitchen. Here’s an excellent, all-purpose blade for everything from chopping veggies to de-boning a roast. 

What We Liked

Simply put, this is probably the best all-around knife we’ve seen at this price. It’s strong, incredibly sharp, and a do-everything kind of versatile. The German stainless steel blade cuts effortlessly and features a faux Damascus finish that looks fantastic. Plus, the handle is durable and well-balanced. Overall, a high-quality knife at a great value. We say, get one for your kitchen today. Click Here to Get Yours.

Best Quality 

DALSTRONG Phantom Series 6.5″ Boning & Fillet Knife


Sleek Design and Pro Results. This fillet knife delivers the perfect combination of stylish design and peak performance. It’ll be your go-to when you’re preparing fish or even carving meats.

What We Liked

Does paying more get you more? Not always, but in the case of this sleek knife, it definitely does. This is a thing of beauty: sleek and sexy with a minimalist Japanese design. But this is more than just a beauty. It’s also a razor-sharp beast when it comes to cutting. The Japanese steel blade is carefully tapered for minimal drag, ensuring swift, precise cuts. Plus, the Spanish pakkawood handle with distinctive brass and copper pin give this knife an undeniably elegant look. Order Here.

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