Top Trifle Bowls

A trifle is a delectable dessert that will delight your guests at any dinner party. A trifle is meant to be experienced through its presentation, just as much through taste. That’s why you need a traditional clear glass trifle bowl that you can present it to your guests in. A trifle bowl is clear so it can showcase every layer of the trifle that you put so much work into. To find the top trifle bowls on the market, keep reading.

Best Overall

Artland Simplicity Trifle Bowl


High quality and hand made. The trifle bowl made by Artland is high quality and very elegant and simple. 

What We Liked

We love the fact that this trifle bowl is handmade so it feels nicer and has a higher quality than other bowls. It is simply crafted and will let your trifle shine. It is an artisanal glass that is handmade for the highest quality. It can hold 110 ounces and is dishwasher safe. Get it here.

Best Set

Godinger Dublin Tasters Trifle 16 Pc Set


Elegant Crystal MiniSet. The trifle bowl set made by Godinger offers eight mini trifle bowls with eight spoons. 

What We Liked

If you’re looking to serve individual trifles then this is your best option. It comes with eight mini bowls that can hold trifles or other mini desserts for your guests. They are made out of crystal with matching designs on each bowl. Buy it now.

Most Durable

Anchor Hocking Trifle Bowl


Long-lasting and strong. The trifle bowl made by Anchor Hocking is long-lasting. 

What We Liked

For a trifle bowl that will last you for years to come, get this one by Anchor Hocking. It’s tough glass makes sure it won’t warp and can be used for anything you need. Made from a durable glass that can be used in the microwave, dishwasher, refrigerator, or freezer this bowl will last for a long time. It also won’t warp or stain thanks to its design. Buy it today.

Those were the top trifle bowls on the market. Any of these will help you to create the most beautiful trifle that everyone will enjoy!  

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