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2016 Clean Choice Awards


When you have limited time to shop, navigating the grocery store aisles is no easy task. With traffic to sit in on your way home to a meal you still have to make, let’s face it: Unless you’re a Kardashian, you don’t have the time to saunter down and linger in every aisle of your local Whole Foods examining and comparing labels to determine which natural deodorant contains the least amount of toxins or which bottled iced tea is caramel color- and sugar-free.

Enter the fastidious Clean Choice Awards judging panel. This hungry group of hollow-legged women and their extended circles spent months seeking out, sampling and poring over the fact sheets of hundreds of up-and-coming products only to narrow the lot down to 140 of the cleanest and healthiest offerings in supermarkets now. Without further ado, congratulations to this year’s innovative and purpose-driven winners. May you inspire more of the industry towards transparency, simplicity and integrity to create products that promote better health for our families and a more sustainable earth.

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The Clean Criteria

Going far beyond nutrients per serving or flavor profile, we used a potful of criteria that all 140 virtuous Clean Choice winners had to meet to be selected to sit among the very best the natural market has to offer. Here’s a peek at the conditions and stipulations that make up our hair-splitting system:

Planet-Friendly Packaging

What happens to a product’s packaging long after its contents are consumed matters deeply to us, so we do our best to promote brands with an anti-landfill policy.

Life-Simplifying Power

Life is hard enough — these products should simplify your day and give you peace of mind. Health and convenience needn’t be mutually exclusive any longer.

Current & Cutting Edge

Jackfruit and baobab are the ingredients du jour, and every year, we’ve got our ear (and tongue) to the ground seeking out nothing but the freshest finds.

Simple, Real-Food Ingredients

Every ingredient list is as simple as can be, listing only pure, real-food ingredients.

A High Score on EWG.org

We run all our household contenders through the Environmental Working Group’s scrupulous screener and predominantly choose those with an A or B rating for safety against harmful toxins.

Addictively Delicious

Sure, we want you to be superiorly healthy, but you should love what you’re eating, too! These winners pass the taste-bud test of every single person on our team.

Equally Pleasing Mouthfeel

Smooth, chewy, crunchy and creamy — mouthfeel is on par with flavor when it comes to measuring tastiness.

Availability & Accessibility

Most of our winning products are available in major stores nationwide, so you can track these gems down with ease. In some cases, we made an allowance for the exceptional item that we think is well worth the online order.

Organic, Sustainable and GMO-free

We align the products we endorse with the kind of food we feature on our pages each issue and we gravitate towards those that are organic, sustainable and GMO-free.