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Hi, Clean Eaters! It’s finally summer, and we couldn’t be more thrilled. As a general rule each year when we put our summer issue together, the editorial team takes a careful pass from cover to cover before sending the final pages off to the printer to ensure we haven’t overused the word “summer” – because we’re just that excited. (And I can assure you, we typically have to take it down by a solid third. If you notice a high incidence of us marking the season with gusto, you’ll know why!)

What do we love so much about it? Aside from the usual suspects (food, weather, travel, social gatherings), it’s the long, laid-back, slower-paced days, of course. But we also know that for the matriarch, patriarch, host or household cook, sometimes orchestrating a weekend getaway or hosting guests can be anything but breezy. That’s why every summer, we dedicate an issue to helping you pull it off with ease, so you too can enjoy all that summer has to offer, including that cocktail on the back patio.

Heading to the cottage, a music festival or the beach? We’ve got a cooler of food that yields five irresistible recipes for lunch, dinner and dessert on page 36. Get away and still eat well while loving every bite, plus you won’t overpack, keeping meal transportation simple and streamlined. Not into the idea of overheating the house with your stove this season? Neither are we. Our talented recipe developer created five recipes that require no cooking – yet are not raw – using clever shortcuts that still let you enjoy your favorite cooked foods with some speedy mealtime assembly. And probably my favorite feature from the issue – and a menu I plan on making very soon (and our creative director Stacy Jarvis-Paine already did and loved!) – is our easy entertaining menu on page 48. Complete with a game plan that starts with prep the day before, these five tested-until-perfect recipes for the ultimate summer gathering are incredibly easy to put together and will totally impress your guests. (Spoiler alert: It includes a Cedar Plank Maple Dijon Salmon.) I have a feeling I’ll be making this menu all summer long.

Use this issue as your shortcut savior all summer and let me know how it goes. I love hearing from you guys!

Alicia Tyler
Editorial Director


What's Inside:

Clean Eating July/August 2018 Have Cooler, Will Travel


All you need is a grill and a few key tools for a weekend of mouthwatering eats with these cooler-ready recipes.

Clean Eating July/August 2018 Laid-Back Entertaining


From cedar plank salmon to a grilled mushroom flatbread, these nutrient-rich meals are prepared fresh and fast so you keep your cool at the sight of unannounced guests.

Clean Eating July/August 2018 Breakfast Pops


Packed with ingredients such as yogurt, granola and fruit, these scrumptious frozen pops offer protein and fiber for a satiating grab-and-go breakfast.

Clean Eating July/August 2018 A Cook's Guide to (Not) Cooking


Take a break from the stove with these nourishing, no-cook recipes.