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Take It Easy

Welcome to our annual Easy edition, which also happens to be our 9th Annual Clean Choice Awards issue – boy, are you in for a loaded issue this month!

In case you haven’t guessed, the theme aims to make your life easier, in and out of the kitchen, and one of my favorite features is that every single recipe rings in at 10 ingredients or less, keeping things quick, simple and easy on your wallet. 

And speaking of limited ingredients, we have two stories that take it a step further. This month, you’ll find “Five Weeknight Dinners in Just One Grocery Bag” where a humble little list of just 20 items (plus a few pantry staples) turns out 5 radically different and totally creative dinners. And we have “Your 1-Week, 20-Ingredient Meal Plan,” an entire week’s worth of meals (yes, breakfasts, lunches, dinners AND snacks) all with just 20 ingredients. Talk about stretching a few key items! And back by very popular demand is our No-Recipe feature where we give you flexible formulas for popular dishes (think pasta bakes, shepherd’s pie, cauli pizza) that allow you to improvise better in the kitchen, use whatever you have on hand instead of adhering to a set-in-stone ingredient list, riff on your favorite meals and flex your creative muscles. 

But before you head into the kitchen for some easy, breezy cooking, peruse “The Clean 60” – the innovative, eco-friendly, best new foods and products of the year in our 9th Annual Clean Choice Awards. We whittled 750 product submissions down to a select 60, and we’re pretty confident you’re going to discover several can’t-live-without items in our haul of carefully chosen winners.

Alright, clean eaters, dive in, get inspired, get in the kitchen – and remember to take it easy! See you next issue!    

Alicia Tyler

Editorial Director