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One For All You Fit Foodies

A recent reader survey revealed that an impressive 70% of you guys are training — and I use the word “training” because that’s exactly what you’re doing (i.e., you’re not doing light stretching in the park and taking the stairs for exercise — not that there’s anything wrong with that). You are pretty avid athletes doing high-intensity interval training (HIIT), group exercise classes, strength training and yoga an average of four times a week, and in many cases, more.

When I found out how active y’all are, it made me realize that even though most of you know that CE recipes are a perfect fit for movement — they are rich in protein and healthy fat, infused with complex carbs, made with pure, real ingredients and filled with antioxidants and functional foods to protect and repair — you might also appreciate a little more direct and in-depth sports-nutrition speak. And thus, our first “Fuel Your Fitness with Food” issue was born.  

As a fitness devotee myself (I’m a huge fan of my 6:30 a.m. HIIT group classes), I was particularly excited for the content in this issue. From reasons far beyond the scale why regular training is so imperative to your health in “Stop Working Out to Lose Weight” on page 68 to targeted nutrition by goal — whether you’re after power, endurance, muscle gain, energy, repair or better sleep ‚ on page 32, this issue is stuffed with guidance to make the most of your workouts with the fuel you consume. Peppered throughout the issue, you’ll find supplement advice for muscle recovery and repair and ingredients to avoid in popular sports products, and on page 72, we have a 7-day meal plan designed specifically for boosting energy and metabolism.

You all know the old saying that a six-pack is made in the kitchen, and I’ll admit, I remember the days when I’d search longingly for those abs to appear in the mirror after my workouts. But these days, I’m much more concerned with beating my own average, lifting heavier over time, watching my cardiovascular endurance improve, feeling my energy soar, recovering faster, sleeping better, having pain-free joints and enjoying the mental clarity and positive vibes my workout regimen provides. And guess what? A huge part of that is made in the kitchen, too.  

Best of all, the recipes in this issue aren’t just straight-up fuel, they also happen to be crazy delicious. 

I really hope they hit the spot and help you up your game, whatever it is!

Alicia Tyler

Editorial Director