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Level Up Your Nutrition in 2020

2020. Is anyone else as stunned as I am to see those double 20s on the calendar? I don’t know about you, but I merely blinked and here I am writing you with just weeks left in 2019, thinking of all the outstanding to-dos that I’d hoped to accomplish this year and haven’t yet! 

Well, instead of cramming 38 workouts into 40 days to get in the “200 club,” reorganizing every closet in my house, finally finishing sanding and painting the ensuite baseboards (I only take 50% responsibility for this straggler) and mastering a turducken ( just kidding – that was never on the list!), I’m going to accept what I didn’t get to and move on. If it matters enough, I’ll carry it into 2020 and stick it at the top of my list, but only if I’m passionate about it.

One thing that’s always on my list? A commitment to clean eating every week. For the most part, that’s Monday through Friday and then we treat a little on weekends (a girl needs her pizza, OK?). I plan my meals ahead every weekend and know exactly what we’re eating each day, planning to eat things that spoil faster earlier in the week and making extras to take to the office for clean lunches. How I fuel my body and brain makes all the difference in my creativity, productivity, immunity, workouts, mood and even sleep. With so much on the go, it’s imperative I’m organized with meal planning and get a steady influx of nutrients. 

This issue is an amazing starting point to a year of exceptional eating, so congrats on being here! Need a clean slate? Challenge yourself to a Whole30, where you eliminate a number of food types to assess which ones make you feel great and which ones... maybe not so much. It’s a great way to set a baseline for yourself for the year ahead and decide what types of meals you’re going to focus on – or forget. We partnered with the Whole30 to create this issue, so every single recipe and food product recommendation is 100% approved, making this reset super-simple and fun. Making it even easier is the two-week meal plan on page 68, complete with shopping lists. Goodbye guesswork!

Another tool to help you level up is our new Clean Eating membership program, CE All-Access. With a meal-planning and recipe app, 100+ meal plans and shopping lists, monthly expert webinars, online courses, a print and digital subscription, access to our newsstand-only special issues and so much more, CE All-Access will keep you motivated, inspired, educated and organized all year long. Learn more at

Happy New Year, clean eaters! I’m so happy we’re on this journey together!

Alicia Tyler

Editorial Director