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Hi clean eaters! I am so excited about this jam-packed issue and I think you will be too. First of all, we’re revealing the top three GOCLEAN45 challenge success stories that were so moving and inspiring, even our very own team who created the Simply Organic-sponsored program were amazed by their success. Three incredible women, Marianne, Michele and Margaret (or the three Ms as we referred to them around the office) underwent such impressive transformations (page 34) that you simply have to read about to believe.

Speaking of transformations, there’s been an immense amount of interest around the ketogenic diet for weight loss of late, and droves of you have been asking for a healthy guide to the lifestyle as a means for fast and effective weight loss. Well, I’m thrilled to announce that this March we are launching our brand-new Clean Eating Academy course, a comprehensive 8-week guide to clean keto for weight loss. This exciting new online course will be taught by the foremost authority on the ketogenic diet, Maria Emmerich. To learn more about the science of keto eating and our new course that starts soon, turn to page 68. While poring over the research and seeing the impressive results that people have eating this way, I’ve personally been inspired to experiment with a keto-style meal plan and intermittent fasting. I’ll report back on how I do next issue.

This issue also marks the 7th annual Clean Choice Awards (CCA), our yearly roundup of the 100 healthiest products in stores now. Ranked on taste, texture, eco-friendliness, clean ingredients, timeliness and effectiveness, we tested and scrutinized hundreds of products to get to this carefully curated list of 100 that are sure to disrupt a few of your regular shopping list items.

A few personal faves that have expanded my list of can’t-live-without products: Remedy Organics drinks, Cali’flour Foods cauliflower pizza crusts, Vital Proteins collagen creamer, Zuke’s dental chews for my dogs (they went nuts for these!), Four Sigmatic mushroom elixirs, Mighty Organic’s grass-fed beef bar, Home Health’s Natural Vitamin E Skin Beauty Oil (obsessed!), Dr. Mercola’s Ketone Energy MCT Oil, NeoCell Collagen 2 Joint Complex and Nordic Naturals Ultimate Omega 2x with Vitamin D3. We decided to take things a little further this year and create recipes using CCA winning products that serve as serious shortcuts for those days you simply don’t have time to make an entire meal from scratch. Check out our shortcut meals using packaged cheats on page 52.

To inspired clean eating! 

Alicia Tyler
Editorial Director


What's Inside:

Clean Choice Awards - Clean Eating March 2018 issue


Clean Eating presents our 7th annual Clean Choice Awards, honoring 100 of the year’s best clean foods and drinks, nontoxic green beauty products and environmentally friendly household cleaners.

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Save time in the kitchen with these brilliant recipes featuring some of the standout winners from the Clean Choice Awards. 

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