Benefits of Sea Salt

Is sea salt healthier than regular salt?

Salt is an ancient food utilized by many cultures to enhance the flavor of food as well as to preserve it. Salt today, however, is as over-processed as a Twinkie. Both chemical and high-temperature refining actions strip away naturally occurring nutrients in salt: notably magnesium, potassium iodide and other trace minerals. Organic sea salt contains more than 80 nutrients, while free-running commercially available table salt is stripped of almost all its naturally occurring nutrients. And have you ever wondered how salt is kept free running? Several harmful chemicals are added, including aluminum compounds, just so you can pour salt easily. Sea salt is a vastly superior naturally occurring substance that lends a delicious flavor to foods and provides valuable nutrients, particularly magnesium and calcium sulfates. Look for light-gray naturally extracted varieties.

Types of Salt

Salt comes in a variety of forms, some better than others! Chef Jo breaks them down to make seasoning a snap!