Dress for Success

Salad dressings are delicious, but often not recommended for clean eating. Why is that?

Store-bought salad dressings are often chock-full of unnecessary fats, sugar and sodium. Just one tablespoon of an unhealthy salad dressing can hold as many as a couple hundred calories, not to mention the added sugar. I stay away from salad dressings because they take away from the fresh goodness of a crisp green salad. I prefer to squeeze the juice of a lemon or lime over my salad.

If you like a sweeter dressing, try the juice of an orange instead. Other zingy dressing alternatives include balsamic and rice vinegars. In fact, any vinegar you like would do. Then you can add a little more flavor by drizzling heart-healthy oils over top.

I love the new tomato-seed, grape-seed, avocado and pumpkin oils, but you can explore to find ones that suit your tastes. Remember, all oils should be carefully stored in a cool, dark place. Rancid oils contribute to poor health.