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How Can I Avoid Store-Bought Condiments?

Barbecue season is on the horizon – what are my options for spicing up food without resorting to store-bought condiments?

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We believe that everything you put in and on your food should do much more than simply flavor – it should pack in healthy nutrients, too. One of the best – and easiest – alternatives to store-bought condiments (which, by the way, almost always contain corn syrup, MSG, trans fats and/or artificial food coloring) are flavored vinegars. Drizzle raspberry balsamic vinegar or avocado oil on salads or grilled meats for a quick boost of flavor, or try dark-toasted sesame oil on fish or Asian-style salads. Citrus zest is another quick one-step method of jazzing up your meals – especially on side dishes or seafood. Make apoint of adding fresh herbs to your grocery cart, too – a sprinkling of parsley or cilantro adds life to any dish. Plus, not only do these natural alternatives provide a bevy of nutritional benefits, but they’re almost always cheaper!

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