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Tips from Chef Sonja Finn

Clean Eating's latest Chez Chef, Sonja Finn, chef and owner of Pittsburgh Pennsylvania's popular restaurant Dinette, offers her top tips that will help you enhance the flavors of any dish.


Let the ingredients guide you. You can shop once a week, Finn says, but buy what looks great and then come home and search through recipes.


When purchasing wine at the store or ordering a glass in a restaurant, Finn prefers lighter food-friendly wines – often the “old-world” wines from Europe – to pair with foods effectively. These wines tend to have slightly higher acidity levels and lower alcohol content than bigger wines with lots of fruit. (Bigger wines can pack higher levels of alcohol and sugar.)


When produce is on sale or cheap, it may mean it’s at its peak. Home cooks often assume that if a food is on sale it’s subpar. But, for example, Finn says that if avocados are on sale, it means they’re in season. Buy them when they’re at their best.