3 Healthy Chip Recipes (+ A Great Dip!)

Chips and dip can still be a part of your New Year's resolution with our homemade veggie chips – made from collard greens, taro and purple potatoes. Plus, we've got a 15-minute Asian-inspired dip that pairs perfectly with all three chips.

Five Spice Taro Crisps

Thinly sliced taro root yields seriously crunchy chips - so much that your tasters will never believe you didn't give them the deep-fryer treatment. A combination of maple syrup and five-spice powder gives them well-rounded sweet and aromatic notes.

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Salt & Vinegar Potato Chips

Soaking potato slices in apple cider vinegar adds a light acidic note to these purple potato chips without the chemical aftertaste you often get from store-bought varieties. If you like a stronger acidic punch, simply soak them longer.

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Gochugaru Collard Chips

A key ingredient in Korean cooking, gochugaru is a sun-dried red chile pepper that is coarser than regular chile powder. (You might recognize gochugaru as the red pepper flecks in your favorite kimchi!) Here, we use it to add a light kick to these crispy collard green chips. If you can't find gochugaru, you can easily substitute with chile powder.

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Carrot Ginger Dip

This Asian-inspired dip is versatile enough to use with any of our chips, and it just might be the easiest dip you've ever made – simply pop all the ingredients into a blender with a splash of water, whiz it up and you're done.

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