3 Recipes from Seagan Eating

Take a vegan diet, add seafood and what do you get? Seagan! These 3 recipes from the new book Seagan Eating will please fans of whole, natural foods.

Amy Cramer and Lisa McComsey are the authors of the Vegan Cheat Sheet and most recently Seagan Eating: The Lure of a Healthy, Sustainable Seafood + Vegan Diet. So, what exactly is a seagan diet? Seagan eating combines a traditional plant-based vegan diet with seafood to ensure the body is getting the essential omega-3s it needs. In their new book, Cramer and McComsey explain why they chose to make the transition from vegan to seagan and how to shop for seafood sustainably. The book also includes 66 healthy recipes.

Read our interview with Amy Cramer and Lisa McComsey here!


1. Shrimp Bisque

Shrimp, lobster, or crab — try your favorite in this bisque that is also author Amy Cramer's favorite recipe from the book. 

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2. Halibut à la Vodka

Puréed cashews make for a creamy sauce that pairs perfectly with halibut on a bed of pasta or spriralized noodles.

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3. Mocha-Coconut Almond Fudge Ice Cream by Hand (No Machine)

Try this creamy, dairy-free treat this summer! You don't even need a machine to make it!

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