3 Baja-Med Grilling Recipes

California might have you thinking of big waves and fish tacos, but this cuisine is serving up so much more.

What Exactly Is Baja-Med Cuisine?

Combining local ingredients from the Baja region – spanning from San Diego to Tijuana – with European techniques, Baja-Med mashes up two distinctly delicious cuisines with surprising outcomes. The trend first emerged on the restaurant scene among noteworthy establishments such as Javier Plascencia’s Misión 19 in Mexico and Rick Bayless’s Leña Brava in Chicago. These chefs put an emphasis on fresh fare, highlighting ingredients such as tomatillos, jalapeños, chiles, pitayas, plantains and seafood available off the Californian coast. This evolving cuisine is putting its signature spin on dishes like tacos, tortillas and salads.