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5 Juices & Smoothies To Try Now

If you're looking for a delicious roster of juices & smoothies to get you going each morning, we've got just what you need - no matter your taste!

1. Stress-Busting Juice

This soothing juice will get you de-stressed after a long day, thanks to nutrients such as folic acid, which helps create dopamine, a neurotransmitter associated with pleasure. Get the recipe.


2. Memory-Enhancing Smoothie

The fiber in cannellini beans helps keep blood sugars on an even keel, preventing post-meal brain fog. Their iron also helps to maintain long-term memory, along with the omega-3s in flaxseeds. Get the recipe.


3. Morning-Energizing Smoothie

If you're not on a regular schedule, both chicory root and prunes might be just what the doctor ordered. Chicory root has been shown to increase intestinal bacteria - which aids digestion - and prunes are more effective than fiber supplements! Get the recipe.


4. Mood-Boosting Juice

This mood-boosting brew supplies 25% of your DV for potassium, hot on the heels of research indicating that diets higher in potassium and lower in sodium have a positive effect on mood. Get the recipe.


5. Savory Breakfast Cocktail

Bloody Mary fans will love this hearty drink, especially if you spike it with a dash of Worcestershire sauce. Get the recipe.