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A Week’s Worth of Dinners for Under $60

Get 5 weeknight meals for less than the cost of dining out just once. We challenged our top recipe developers to bring big flavor to your table on a strict budget.
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Welcome to our annual budget recipe section! Every September, we put our top recipe developers to the test to create the most innovative, delicious meals for less – and we can’t wait for you to see what they came up with. 

Your Budget Meals Shopping List

We’ve got 15 mouthwatering recipes to choose from, each $5 or less per serving. How did we get to these numbers? We priced out each ingredient from your average grocery store, not including pantry staples like oils, seasonings and basics like canned tomatoes. With this issue in hand, there’s no reason you have to spend a lot of dough to eat clean, feel great and love every bite this fall.

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