An Entirely Make-Ahead Holiday Meal

From turkey and gravy to salad, soup and even an appetizer, we’ve got an entire menu of holiday recipes that can all be made in advance for a stress-free hosting experience — so you can actually enjoy the party instead of being stuck behind the stove.

A Game Plan for Happier Hosting

Follow this easy schedule for your smoothest holiday meal yet.

RecipeMake Ahead Up To

Parsnip Soup

1 month

Cranberry Sauce

10 days

Chive Yogurt Sauce

3 days

Roasted Caulifower & Garlic Dip

3 days

Roast Turkey with Make–Ahead Gravy

2 days

Fennel-Crusted Side of Salmon

2 days

Sweet Potato Dressing

2 days

Watercress, Radicchio & Apple Salad

1 day

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