lean pizza frittata recipe

Pizza Frittata

A pizza look- and taste-alike, only it's clean and loaded with protein. Easy, customizable and, most importantly, delicious!

Peach Crisp recipe

Peach Crisp

Featuring fresh peaches and an oat and nut topping, this peach crisp makes for a wholesome breakfast or afternoon treat. To save on ingredients in the plan, we use whole almonds and grind them into flour, but if you already have almond flour on hand, you can use it instead (use a roughly equivalent amount).


Miso Ginger Chicken with Bok Choy Stir-Fry

Using frozen riced cauliflower helps shorten prep time so this nutritious bowl is on the table quickly. If baby bok choy isn’t readily available, chop up about 7 cups of regular bok choy. Garnish with sliced red chiles for color and heat.

Nutty Maple Cinnamon Bars

Nutty Maple-Cinnamon Bars

You will gobble up these nutty maple cinnamon bars. They're easy to bake and, and they make a great snack or dessert.

Chicken Cordon Bleu

Coco Cran Nut Muffins

Cranberry nut muffins make an easy snack or breakfast. They're the perfect combination of tartness from the cranberries with sweetness from the apples and honey.

Chile Orange Chicken Wings with Ranch Slaw recipe

Chile Orange Chicken Wings with Ranch Slaw

By baking wings on a rack elevated over a baking sheet you’re able to achieve all-around crispness without frying. These wings are smoky, spicy and sweet — a winning combination and something a little different for dinner.

Za’atar Olive Keto Bread recipe

Za’atar Olive Keto Bread

You’ll love every morsel of this savory bread made with almond and coconut flours. Rolling it in Parmesan and additional za’atar before baking gives it a punch of flavor reminiscent of traditional garlic bread. It’s best served warm, so reheat leftovers in a toaster oven.

A Better Avocado Toast recipe

A Better Avocado Toast

Yes, you can still have avocado toast on keto – if you use our low-carb loaf made with nut butters and coconut flour. The leftover bread is delicious toasted and buttered, for sandwiches or made into French toast.

Hasselback Chicken with Tomato Artichoke Sauce recipe

Hasselback Chicken with Tomato Artichoke Sauce

A trick to keeping chicken breast juicy and flavorful? Brine it in salt water as we do in this easy recipe. This makes for a complete meal, thanks to a vibrant side of tomatoes and artichokes. For extra dietary fiber, serve with a side of arugula drizzled with extra-virgin olive oil.