Swiss Chard Lasagna Recipe

Swiss Chard Lasagna

This lasagna may taste decadent, but it’s actually a lightened-up version of traditional cream-heavy varieties. Relying on heart-healthy beans and nuts and loaded with mineral-rich greens, this one-pan wonder is exceptionally satisfying.

Grain-Free Cranberry Orange Breakfast Cookies Recipe

Grain-Free Cranberry Orange Breakfast Cookies

The term “breakfast cookie” might sound like a devilishly delicious oxymoron, but we’re not kidding around with these good-for-you jumbo cookies. They’re made with protein-rich almond flour and pecans and naturally sweetened with maple syrup for an easy, grab-and-go breakfast.


Warm Marinated Olives with Thyme and Lemon

Heating whole, unpitted olives with vinegar, oil, herbs and spices wakes up their flavors and makes them soft and plump. A mix of buttery green Castelvetrano and Kalamata olives is lovely, but you can substitute whatever plain, unmarinated olives you have on hand.