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Skinny Spanakopita recipe

Skinny Spanakopita

This savory Greek-style pastry is a great way to incorporate more spinach in your diet. We use a whole-grain phyllo dough brushed with olive oil and feta cheese to add a creamy, salty kick. If you’re sensitive to gluten, see the tip at the bottom of the recipe to easily adapt it. For a prettier presentation, we simply take the phyllo and crumble it over the top of the pie before baking it.

Crispy Apple Chips

Crispy Apple Chips

These sweet, delicate munchies with satisfy your midday urge for a crunch. If you prefer chewy chips, though, remove them from the oven after 90 minutes.

Swiss Chard Lasagna Recipe

Swiss Chard Lasagna

This lasagna may taste decadent, but it’s actually a lightened-up version of traditional cream-heavy varieties. Relying on heart-healthy beans and nuts and loaded with mineral-rich greens, this one-pan wonder is exceptionally satisfying.

Grain-Free Cranberry Orange Breakfast Cookies Recipe

Grain-Free Cranberry Orange Breakfast Cookies

The term “breakfast cookie” might sound like a devilishly delicious oxymoron, but we’re not kidding around with these good-for-you jumbo cookies. They’re made with protein-rich almond flour and pecans and naturally sweetened with maple syrup for an easy, grab-and-go breakfast.