Chicken Quinoa Soup recipe

Chicken Quinoa Soup

This chicken quinoa soup is loaded with energizing bites of chicken breast, protein-packed quinoa, and plenty of fresh vegetables, cooked in a rich chicken broth seasoned with red pepper flakes.

Italian Wedding Soup recipe

Italian Wedding Soup

A high-quality bone broth in place of traditional broth not only makes this dish Whole30-compliant, but it also helps boost your immune system, treat leaky gut and improve joint health, thanks to the collagen it contains. This soup tastes even better the next day, so it makes a perfect weekday lunch.

Ginger Pea Soup

Ginger Pea Soup

This hot or cold soup takes less time to prepare than it takes to watch a sitcom. A touch of miso adds a nutty, salty element to the mix, and teams up with firm light tofu to pack in the protein.

Apple Oats recipe

Apple Oats

Diced apple tossed with cinnamon and ground flaxseed are a perfectly easy — and healthy — breakfast to power you through your day.

Savory Stuffed Mini Pumpkins-LU5A1809

Savory Stuffed Mini Pumpkins

These mushroom-and-quinoa-stuffed mini pumpkins contain all of the flavors of fall. With savory herbs and a hint of tart-sweetness from dried cranberries, these adorable little stuffed pumpkins will be the hit of your next fall gathering!

Kettle Noodle Soup

Kettle Noodle Soup

Get ready for the biggest revelation in dorm-room cooking: kettle eggs! Yes, you can actually make hard-boiled eggs in an electric kettle. (Fun fact: Our senior graphic designer, Alaina Greenberg, makes them almost daily in our office!) If you don’t have a kettle, you can also buy packaged pre-boiled eggs for this recipe.

Smoky Romesco Chicken & Noodles recipe

Smoky Romesco Chicken & Noodles

A quick blender sauce using almond butter, roasted bell peppers, parsley and a few pantry staples helps this noodle dish shine. If you have any sauce leftover, cover and refrigerate it to use throughout the week as a dip for raw vegetables. Instead of cooking the noodles on the stove, we soak the noodles in boiling water from the kettle. Plus, buying a precooked rotisserie chicken and shredding it avoids the cleanup and hassle of cooking it from scratch.

Peruvian Quinoa Bowl recipe

Peruvian Quinoa Bowl

Causa is a Peruvian layered dish with potatoes and seafood or chicken. Typically, it’s layered into a ring mold to make a cylindrical shape, but we’ve reimagined it into a bowl packed with crisp, fresh vegetables.

Lemon Ginger Tapioca Pudding Recipe

Lemon Ginger Tapioca Pudding

Full-fat coconut milk is key to achieving the luscious creamy texture that’s often lacking in dairy-free puddings. For a pop of color, sprinkle with curls of lemon zest, mint or berries just before serving.