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Seafood Cioppino recipe

Seafood Cioppino

Four types of seafood – clams, mussels, fish and shrimp – are combined in this classic Italian American stew. Save some of the fronds from the fennel bulb for a delicate anise flavor and garnish.

Red Lentil & Sweet Potato Curry recipe

Red Lentil & Sweet Potato Curry

Red lentils add protein to this meatless main with cauliflower and sweet potatoes. Making your own paste with chiles, ginger and garlic adds heaps of flavor to the dish with just a whirl in the food processor. Serve the curry with whole-grain naan or pita bread.

White Turkey Chili with KalE 59_web

White Turkey Chili with Kale

This lighter take on chili is made without tomatoes, leaving room for fiber-rich greens. We’ve kept the spices mild to please many palates, but you can easily add more chile powder if you prefer a spicier dish – here at the CE office, we love this meal smothered in hot sauce!

Braised cabbage and parsnips recipe

Cabbage & Parsnips 
with Tarragon Confetti

Those who tend to shy away from cooked cabbage may become converts thanks to braising, as it brings out the crucifer’s natural sweetness. Couple that with this flavorful sauce, which gets richness and depth from searing an onion in coconut oil, and you’ve got a side that’ll take center stage.