OCT_Buffalo Cauliflower Wings with Tempeh Ranch Salad

Buffalo Cauliflower with Tempeh Ranch Salad

When eating plant-based, you don’t have to give up meaty, satisfying buffalo wings. Just sub cauliflower for the chicken and pair with a roasted tempeh salad to get all those familiar flavors, but with a nutritious boost.

Shrimp Ceviche 2

Wholly Shrimp Ceviche

Made with sweet mango, tangy lime juice, fresh cilantro, and WHOLLY GUACAMOLE® Classic, this shrimp ceviche is a refreshing, colorful dish that’s perfect for summer get-togethers.

Vietnamese Banh Mi–Style Steak with Pickled Vegetables recipe

Vietnamese Banh Mi–Style Steak with Pickled Vegetables

This marinated steak uses bold flavors such as ginger and fish sauce. Make the marinade in advance, but only add the steak the same day. The pickled carrots and cucumbers are a great make-ahead side. You can also serve this dish with brown rice.