Dine & Dash Breakfasts

Quick and easy morning meal options are endless and don’t require much more than what you already have in your fridge and pantry.
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Choose one of the following dine & dash breakfasts during your next pre-work rush:

* High-fiber cereal: Top it with nuts, fruit, unsweetened soy milk or skim milk.

* Nonfat Greek-style yogurt: Stir in blueberries, raw, organic honey and organic or homemade granola.

* Homemade granola: Combine oats, nuts, whole-grain cereal, unsweetened dried fruit, seeds and maple sugar flakes.

* Unsalted natural peanut butter: Spread it on a slice of whole-grain bread.

* Fresh-fruit smoothie: Blend low-fat plain yogurt with bananas, strawberries, ground flaxseed and ice.

* Whole-grain pita: Eat it with chopped vegetables and melted low-fat cheddar or mozzarella cheese sandwiched inside.

* Tofu scramble: With onions, green or red bell peppers and mushrooms.

* Sliced melon: Mix it with 1% cottage cheese or nonfat Greek-style yogurt.

* Whole-wheat bagel: Toasted and topped with unsalted almond butter and apple slices.

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