5 Easiest-Ever Skillet Meals

It takes just one skillet plus a few fresh ingredients to get a spectacular meal on your family’s dinner table tonight.
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Healthy flavorful rice and beans recipe

Healthy Rice and Beans Recipe

Cuban-Style Rice & Beans with Turkey

White rice is swapped out for brown in our healthier version of this classic Latin American dish. Protein-rich ground turkey turns it into a complete meal.  

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Red wine simmered lamb and wild mushroom pasta recipe

Red Wine Simmered Lamb and Wild Mushroom Pasta Recipe

Wild Mushroom & Lamb Ragout Pappardelle

Lamb is simmered with red wine, beef broth and wild mushrooms for a meal with deep umami flavor.

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Tarragon Chicken with White Wine Cream Sauce Recipe

Tarragon Chicken with White Wine Cream Sauce Recipe

Tarragon Chicken with White Wine Cream Sauce

Chicken breasts are seasoned with tarragon then drizzled with a luscious white wine sauce with cream and Dijon mustard.

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Healthy beef tenderloin and potato recipe

Healthy Beef Tenderloin and Potato Recipe

Skillet-Seared Beef Tenderloin

In this gourmet twist on steak ’n’ potatoes, a shallot-blue cheese butter is melted over the steak. Golden potatoes are made even more vibrant with the addition of tri-color carrots.                   

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Indian chicken rice recipe

Indian Biryani Recipe

Creamy Chicken Biryani

Fragrant spices such as turmeric, cardamom, cumin and coriander infuse this velvety tomato cream sauce. Try serving this dish with whole-grain naan bread or brown rice. 

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Healthy paella recipe

Healthy Paella Recipe

Chicken & Shrimp Orzo Paella

Colorful bell pepper, tomatoes and parsley embellish this hearty paella that uses orzo pasta in place of rice.                   

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