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Mediterranean Shrimp Bake recipe

Mediterranean Shrimp Bake

Sunny and umami flavors are the hallmarks of this seafood-based casserole. The herb mixture made at the top of the recipe is a simple pesto-style sauce that would taste terrific on your favorite grilled fish, too.

Greek Lamb Burger Salad with Yogurt Feta Drizzle recipe

Greek Lamb Burger Salad with Yogurt Feta Drizzle

A juicy, savory lamb burger is nestled into a fresh chopped Greek salad — no bun necessary. Instead of crumbled feta, we went to the next level and created an irresistible, creamy yogurt-feta sauce for drizzling.

Quick Baked Feta Appetizer

Quicker-Than-Quick Baked Feta

This creamy appetizer, one of Pamela Saltzman’s go-tos, is ready to serve in about 20 minutes. (She calls it “one of the best things you’ll ever eat.”) Make sure you use sheep’s or goat’s milk feta, which are more digestible than the cow’s milk version.