Connecticut-Style Lobster Rolls recipe

Connecticut-Style Lobster Rolls

Rich, fragrant butter is what sets a Connecticut-style lobster roll apart from its counterpart, the Maine variety, which uses mayo. While a Connecticut-style roll is typically served warm, here we keep it at room temperature to avoid the stove – but heat it up if you prefer.

Paprika Garlic Chicken recipe

Paprika Garlic Chicken

This paprika grilled chicken is marinated with the warm smoky flavor of paprika and the sharp tang of lemon juice. Grill it ahead of time and use it in multiple meals throughout the week.

Lemon Ginger Tapioca Pudding Recipe

Lemon Ginger Tapioca Pudding

Full-fat coconut milk is key to achieving the luscious creamy texture that’s often lacking in dairy-free puddings. For a pop of color, sprinkle with curls of lemon zest, mint or berries just before serving.


Warm Marinated Olives with Thyme and Lemon

Heating whole, unpitted olives with vinegar, oil, herbs and spices wakes up their flavors and makes them soft and plump. A mix of buttery green Castelvetrano and Kalamata olives is lovely, but you can substitute whatever plain, unmarinated olives you have on hand.


Lemon Chia Bars

Chia seeds are tiny powerhouses filled with omega-3s, fiber, protein and antioxidants. Thanks to the protein and fiber they contain, chia seeds can help keep you satiated throughout the day.

Charred Corn and Tomato Salad with Halloumi Cheese Recipe

Charred Corn & Tomato Salad with Halloumi Cheese

Sweet summer corn and tomatoes are elevated with a fragrant tarragon dressing and flavor-packed halloumi cheese. The firm Mediterranean cheese holds up well to heat, making it ideal for grilling. Look for halloumi in the deli section of your supermarket – it’s often sold alongside feta and bocconcini.

Carrot ginger dip recipe

Carrot Ginger Dip

Sweet honey and pungent ginger give this carrot dip just the right amount of punch. We love dipping bell pepper strips, snap peas or zucchini sticks into this velvety recipe.