Lemon Zest

Pesto Cauliflower Pizza recipe

Pesto Cauliflower Pizza recipe

This nutritious and delicious cauliflower pizza is packed with flavor. Topped with colorful veggies, this is a dish that everyone will enjoy. Make it ahead and reheat throughout the week for an easy lunch or dinner.


Herb-Roasted Turkey Breast

To ensure that your herb-infused turkey breast is impossibly moist – but still low in fat – leave the skin on during cooking to seal in the juices and discard prior to eating.


Garlic & Lemon Red Snapper with Homemade Aioli

Impress your family with this lemon- and garlic-stuffed whole fish on the grill that’s surprisingly easy to put together. Make the aioli on your Sunday prep day so you can simply assemble and grill the fish right before eating.

Best Fish & Chips with Lemon Caper Mayo recipe

Best Fish & Chips with Lemon Caper Mayo

Yes, you can fit fish and chips into your clean meal plan! This version boasts a grain-free batter and shallow frying technique in avocado oil. Thinly slicing the potatoes makes for a large serving from just one small potato.

Butternut Noodles Cacio e Pepe recipe

Butternut Noodles Cacio e Pepe

Cacio e pepe means “cheese and pepper” in Italian dialects, and we can’t think of a tastier way to serve up a side dish of spiralized butternut squash. For the best noodles, look for squash with long necks and smaller bulbs. We use Parmesan and Grana Padano cheese for more flavor, but you can use just Parmesan if you prefer.


Trout with Green Bean Succotash

Succotash really came into its own during the Great Depression, thanks to its thrifty nature, and we think a clean version seasoned with dill, lemon juice and zest is the perfect accompaniment to our tender pink trout.

Za’atar Olive Keto Bread recipe

Za’atar Olive Keto Bread

You’ll love every morsel of this savory bread made with almond and coconut flours. Rolling it in Parmesan and additional za’atar before baking gives it a punch of flavor reminiscent of traditional garlic bread. It’s best served warm, so reheat leftovers in a toaster oven.

Green Goddess Deviled Eggs recipe

Green Goddess Deviled Eggs

Brimming with lemon, tarragon, parsley and chives, these deviled eggs are a fresh, zesty take on the classic side. Garnish with curls of lemon zest for a pretty presentation.