Winter Kale Salad

Winter Kale & Chicken Salad

This salad is filling and packed with an array of flavors and textures. The warming ginger dressing is the perfect complement to protein-packed chicken, tangy feta and crunchy pecans.

Vanilla Pear Shrub recipe

Vanilla Pear Shrub

Shrubs are fermented drink concentrates traditionally made with berries, sugar and fruit vinegars. This version uses ginger and apple cider vinegar – two powerful digestive aids – along with fall flavors of pear, honey and vanilla. Serve it hot or cold, and it also makes an excellent cocktail.

Secret-Ingredient Lentil Soup recipe

Secret-Ingredient Lentil Soup

Pear is the surprising ingredient that adds a subtle sweetness without competing with the savory flavors in this soup. The addition of lime leaf is optional but adds a nice zing – strips of lime zest works just as well.


Ginger, Pear & Turkey Sausage Patties

These Asian-infused breakfast patties have enough bite for Sunday morning breakfast or brunch-worthy entertaining, but their eight-minute time frame also makes them a go-to for any hectic weekday morning!