Hummus Metamorphosis

Meet the new bowl on the block: the veggie-packed hummus bowl. A cross between a salad bowl and a dipping platter, they’re gorgeous and just so easy.

These hummus bowls are so easy to put together. Simply toss in a few extra ingredients to transform basic hummus into a wow-worthy light meal or snack. Top it with a ton of veg and eat it with a fork, or keep the veg light and eat it with pita for dipping – the choice is yours.

Think Beyond Pita

Toasted whole-grain pita or pita chips make a great dipping companion (aka dipper), but there are plenty of other options for loading up on all the goodness:

  • Sliced jicama 
  • Roasted sweet potato rounds 
  • Vegetable chips (sweet potato, beet or taro)  
  • Endive leaves 
  • Tortilla chips 
  • Whole-grain crackers  
  • Bell pepper slices 
  • Radish slices

Upgrade Your Hummus

It’s easy to infuse store-bought hummus with a variety of flavor-boosting staples already found in your fridge or pantry. Start with plain chickpea hummus, then blend it up in a food processor or high-speed blender with a spoonful or two of your favorite ingredients. Try one of our tried-and-tested combinations in this section, or experiment with any of the following: 

  • Pesto 
  • Oil-packed sun-dried tomatoes 
  • Roasted red peppers 
  • Feta cheese 
  • Fresh cilantro (or your favorite fresh herb) 
  • Jalapeño chile peppers 
  • Roasted garlic cloves – use the whole head! 

If you’re sprinkling even more ingredients on top, use a wide, shallow bowl or plate for more surface area (and maximum scooping).

You can use a plain packaged hummus for any of the recipes in this section, or make your own from dried chickpeas with our simple recipe.