Kid-Friendly Eats

Some kids will eat just about anything, while others have more "discerning" (aka picky) palates. These fail-proof recipes are good for the whole lot, offering ample nutrition, flavor and fun.
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1. They may not remember when the Monte Cristo first had its glory days decades ago, but they’ll love gobbling up our clean version!

See the complete Monte Cristo recipe here.

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2. At only $1.58 per serving, this mild fish and chips recipe will suit your wallet as well as your biggest fish haters – especially if you serve it in rolled newspaper!

See the complete Fish and Chips recipe here.

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3. Sneak a little spinach into tonight’s dinner between the folds of these protein-fuelled quesadillas. Your little Popeyes will thank you later!

See the complete Chicken, Spinach & Ricotta Quesadillas recipe here.

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4. It’s the most important meal of the day, but need not be the lengthiest! Save yourself a few minutes of morning frenzy by serving up homemade breakfast turnovers. (You can make them in advance!)

See the complete Egg and Ham Turnovers recipe here.

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5. They’re like the chicken fingers of brunch. Spend some time with the little ones on the weekend – give them each a small bowl of pure maple syrup and they may actually sit still for these dunkers!

See the complete French Toast Sticks recipe here.

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6. This traditional dish is like a Greek lasagna-shepherd’s pie hybrid, both of which are pretty fail-proof kid dishes. Plus, they’ll get good doses of fiber, potassium and folate from the eggplant!

See the complete Moussaka recipe here.

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7. With just 20 minutes of hands-on prep, you’ll have more time to hang out with the family while feasting on these clean and decadent waffles!

See the complete Multigrain Waffles with Caramelized Bananas recipe here.

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8. These panko-crusted chicken breasts are like giant chicken fingers – just mind the spices if your kids have delicate palates!

See the complete Not-So-Fried Chicken recipe here.

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9. Get the tots involved in preparing this dish, rolling up soft pasta strips with tasty turkey and bright green spinach (plus lots of calcium)!

See the complete Pasta Roll-ups recipe here.

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10. Our reader’s sneaky pasta adds pumpkin purée to the mix, increasing fiber and vitamin A with her family none the wiser!

See the complete Pumpkin Pasta Surprise recipe here.

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11. Treat your offspring to the feeling of classic comfort without the traditional fat content (a serving has only 4 grams of fat)!

See the complete Shepherd’s Pie recipe here.

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12. Skip the fast food and nourish your young’uns with homemade cheeseburgers that taste even better than at the drive-through. Let them choose the toppings!

See the complete Smothered Cheeseburgers recipe here.

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13. There are few better ways to win the hearts (and stomachs) of your children than with five simple letters (and, in this case, five simple ingredients): P-I-Z-Z-A!

See the complete Spinach & Chicken Sausage Pizza recipe here.


14. Letting your kids eat french fries without a single pang of guilt? It's definitely a win-win! Mom and dad, eat your hearts out too –there are only 168 calories per serving (and that includes the dipping sauce)!

See the complete Sweet Potato Sticks recipe here.

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15. You all can’t stop commenting about how much your families love this recipe! Moms love it too because you can pre-chop the veggies and leave the chicken marinating for up to 8 hours.

See the complete Sweet and Sour Chicken recipe here.

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16. Serve up these coconut-crusted shrimp as finger foods, with personal dipping sauces, and the li'l ones will love the chance to eat with their hands!

See the complete Thai Coconut Shrimp recipe here.

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17. Let the wee ones have a whirl filling their own tacos for a little DIY dinner fun.

See the complete Turkey Black Bean Soft Tacos recipe here.