Next-Level Salads

Time to tap into your kitchen creativity! Our matrix of options will help you build a new dream salad every day of the week.
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Next Level Salads lead

Everyone has their go-to salad combo that gets them through workday lunches and dinnertime dilemmas. But salads have so much flavor and texture potential – why settle for anything less than a killer combination of veg, proteins, crunchy toppings and dressing?

If you enjoy going beyond the recipe and flexing your creative muscles, check out our mix-and-match salad matrix below. Simply pick an option from each row to create a perfect medley every time. If you’re more of a recipe person, that’s fine, too. We’ve test-driven four delicious salad combinations made from components in the chart so you can just toss and dig in.

Mix and match salad matrix

Prefer to use test kitchen–developed recipes rather than create your own? The recipes in this feature have all been tested until perfect – and we’re salad aficionados with sky-high standards!




Next-level Salads - Toppers and Dressings

Dressings and Toppers