Pamela Salzman's Anti-Stress Latte

Adaptogens in this latte help you boost flagging energy levels and keep you calm but alert.



Add a 0.1-oz packet of reishi to a mug. Add ½ tsp each ashwagandha and he shou wu powder. Add hot water to fill mug about three-quarters full and stir to dissolve powders. Add warm almond or cashew milk (frothed, if you have time) to top it off. For a sweeter drink, sweeten your milk with a touch of raw honey or sweetener of choice. Optional Addition: Stir in 1 tsp raw cacao powder for a mocha twist. However, avoid cacao powder in the evening as it can be stimulating. (TRY: Four Sigmatic Reishi Elixir and Sun Potion's He Shou Wu and Ashwagandha powders.)