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3 Easy Spring Rolls + Amazing Sauces

We’ve got three incredible varieties of rolls and three homemade sauces – choose your favorite roll and sauce, or make a crowd-pleasing mix-and-match platter for your next patio party.

Umami Mushroom & Chicken Rolls with Bean Sprouts 

Dried shiitake mushrooms add delicious savory flavor to this protein-rich roll with chicken.

Get the recipe here.


Thai Chile Sauce

Skip the bottled chile sauce – you can easily make this sweet and sour Thai-style sauce at home.

Get the recipe here


Very Veggie Rolls with Arugula & Tofu

Bursting with bell pepper, avocado and arugula, this meatless roll has both flavor and crunch.

Get the recipe here. 


Citrus Dijon Dipping Sauce

Orange and lime juices join forces with Dijon to give this sauce a light, zesty flair.

Get the recipe here. 


Rainbow Crab Rolls with Mango & Beet

Mango and beet add sweetness without overwhelming the delicate flavor of crab in this roll with fresh mint leaves.

Get the recipe here


Cashew Lime Dipping Sauce

Instead of a peanut dipping sauce, try our nutty cashew sauce with a kick of heat, sweetened with just a touch of coconut sugar.

Get the recipe here