17 Tasty Twists on Tacos

Highly versatile, customizable, and so easy to stuff full of extra veggies and nutrients, tacos are a clean eater's dream. Here are our favorite recipes to step up your taco game.
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1. Spicy Shredded Beef Tacos with Pineapple Salsa

Savory spiced beef is topped with a sweet pineapple salsa in these irresistible, finger-licking-good tacos.

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Spicy Lentil Meatball Tacos with Lime Pepita Cream

2. Spicy Lentil Meatball Tacos With Lime Pepita Cream

Forget black beans, these vegetarian tacos feature protein-packed lentil meatballs.

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3. Brisket Tacos with Tangy Chimichurri Zucchini

The rich, deep flavor of braised beef is a perfect match for the subtle, sweet smokiness of ancho chiles. These melt-
in-your-mouth tacos serve a crowd and can be made ahead – they’re tailor-made for a taco party!

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4. Sweet & Spiced Pulled Chicken Tacos

Sweet mango is combined with aromatic spices to infuse chicken with maximum flavor. Topped with a crunchy cabbage and mango slaw, these tacos are a showstopping dish.

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Fish Tacos Recipe

5. Crispy Fish Tacos with Roasted Corn, Grapefruit & Cucumber Salsa

Skip the deep fryer and make use of the oven! We coated tender halibut in brown rice cereal and topped it with our roasted corn salsa and yogurt-feta sauce.

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Chile Lime Tacos

6. Chile Lime Pork Tacos with Papaya Avocado Salsa

The classic mingling of chile and lime in these juicy pork tacos is sure to draw your family to the table tonight! If you can't find tomatillos for the salsa, substitute with vine-ripened tomatoes.

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Beef Carnitas Tacos with Salsa Fresca

7. Beef Carnitas Tacos with Salsa Fresca

Taco night has never been so tasty! This recipe uses chuck roast, an economical cut of beef made for the slow cooker. Serve with our salsa fresca.

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Lobster Tacos with Jicama, Corn, Cabbage 
& Avocado toppings

8. Lobster Tacos with Jicama, Corn, Cabbage & Avocado Toppings

Fresh lobster and crunchy jicama take the ordinary street taco to new heights. No lobster? Substitute cod or another white fish.

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sloppy open faced tacos

9. Sloppy Open-Faced Tacos

This Tex-Mex spin on sloppy joes is sure to become a weeknight family favorite.

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10. Thai Chicken Tacos

Warm corn tortillas envelop tender shreds of nutty chicken in this unexpected slow-cooker creation. A tangy fresh mint and cucumber topping brings the Thai-Mexican mingling together for an exotic, spicy meal.

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low-cal tacos

11. Classic Tacos

Our vegetarian take on the classic will wow meat lovers – they're dripping with a homemade, savory mushroom-cauliflower sauce that mimics a traditional beef filling.

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12. Fish Tacos with Pineapple Jicama Slaw

Mahi mahi is grilled with a coriander and cumin seed crust, which provides the perfect balance to the light and crunchy pineapple jicama slaw, and the whole meal is ready in just 40 minutes!

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13. Turkey-Black Bean Soft Tacos

Ground turkey paired with black beans makes these tacos lean and filling. Corn tortillas are a whole-grain food, making them a tasty and wholesome alternative to white-flour tortillas.

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14. Chipotle Lime Fish Tacos with Mango Coconut Salsa

These light and fresh fish tacos feature grilled cod and mango.

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Fish Tacos

15. Grilled Fish Tacos with Jalapeño Slaw

Chile-rubbed sea bass is topped with crispy cabbage and spicy jalapeño in this super-stuffed taco. Buttermilk yogurt dressing adds a decadent touch to this easy recipe.

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Watermelon Tacos

16. Watermelon Lobster Tacos

Whether post-exercise or not, perk up your summer tacos with a dose of hydrating, low-cal watermelon. The juicy fruit pairs perfectly with tender lobster meat!

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Roasted Veggie Tacos

17. Roasted Vegetable Tacos with Edamame Guacamole

Lighten up your tacos by trading classic guacamole for a version made with edamame and silken tofu.

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