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What Is a Whole-Foods Plant-Based Diet?

In the realm of plant-powered eating there are many labels you may come across. Some, like vegan, have strict rules of adherence, while others, like flexitarian, tend to vary depending on who you ask. But no matter which plant-based lifestyle you choose to follow, you’ll gain rewards far beyond tantalized taste buds. Here’s short video explaining the difference between all.

Join The Plant-Based Movement!

A plant-based diet can improve health, prevent disease and heal the planet. Whether you want to be part-time plant based or 100% plant-based, plant-based chef and functional food expert Amy Symington will guide you through 7 comprehensive lessons on how to benefit from a plant-based diet and how to do it healthfully and deliciously. 

As your instructor, Amy will offer health-focused, evidence-based advice pertaining to the consumption of plant foods and their benefits, as well as tasty, satiating, nutrient-dense meal and snack ideas and plenty of cooking techniques along the way. For more info go to cleaneating.com/plantbased.