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3 Ways to Make Veggie Bacon

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In the past few years, “faux-meat” products have skyrocketed in popularity alongside the cultural shift for more sustainable, yet still enjoyable, alternatives to society’s favorite meats. Case in point: Beyond Meat products can be found at several big-name fast food establishments across North America, and even discount store brands, once happy with staying in their pop-and-chip lane, are now hopping aboard the trend, releasing rival products that deliver meaty texture without a stitch of animal byproducts.

The problem with these high-tech foods can be distilled to one word: additives. While often better for the environment and in truth as close as we have come to a meatless-but-meaty mouthfeel, these foods are still processed beyond (pardon the pun) recognition.

Fortunately, there is an alternative to this dilemma. Check out these three ways to make veggie bacon.

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