The Secret to Fast, No-Waste Nut Milk

Sustainable, delicious and far less expensive than boutique brands. What are you waiting for? Pamela Salzman, instructor of our new course Batch Cooking 101, shows us how.

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Nut milks are a must-have ingredient in my kitchen—from creamy smoothies and porridges to dairy-free pancakes and desserts, I use this versatile item on a daily basis.

But it can be difficult to find a store-bought brand of nut milk without sweeteners, emulsifiers or gums. Sure, a few boutique brands sell all-natural nut milks, but they’re often prohibitively expensive. So I always choose to make my own.

If you’ve made your own almond milk before, you know that it involves soaking your nuts, blending and then straining them through a nut bag. It’s not difficult, but it does take a few minutes and a bit of clean up. There is also refuse left behind that you have to compost or use up in your cooking or baking (nut pulp cookies anyone?).

But there is another way to make nut milk—it’s quick, mess free and there’s no pulp left behind.

The Secret to Faster Nut Milk: Cashews

Cashews are much softer than almonds, so after soaking, they can be blended with water to create ultra-smooth milk that’s even creamier than almond milk. No straining required. You can ditch the nut bag, save time and avoid the mess. Another bonus? There is no leftover pulp, so no waste to dispose of.

The technique that I demonstrate in this video will have you making your own cashew milk in record time. And remember, you can use cashew milk in any recipe you would normally use almond milk.


Clean Eating Recipes to Try:

Golden Milk

Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free Banana Pancakes (sub cashew milk for almond milk)

Chocolate Chia Cobblers (sub cashew milk for almond milk)

PB&J Smoothie Packs (sub cashew milk for almond milk)

Purple Porridge (sub cashew milk for almond milk)

Frozen Banana Pops (sub cashew milk for almond milk)

Carrot Cake Smoothie Bowl (sub cashew milk for almond milk)

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