Adaptogens, Explained

More energy, clarity, better sleep—are these plant-based supplements too good to be true? #GoClean45 coach Kate Geagan explains.

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Want to go a step further in harnessing the power of plants? If you’ve been sprinkling cinnamon in your tea or coffee for improved insulin control, or sipping green tea to enhance mental alertness, then you already have an advanced understanding of plant-based nutrients. Get ready for next-level nutrition knowledge!

One super-hot area of research right now is on a class of herbs known as adaptogens—a term that literally means “to help your body adapt to stressors.”

Adaptogens have long been used in traditional medicines to enhance the body’s natural ability to adapt to both external stressors (e.g. toxins, pollution) or internal stress (e.g. insomnia, anxiety).

While more large-scale studies are needed as researchers map out how these phyto-medicines release their beneficial effects in humans, adaptogens are a promising and exciting new area of nutrition research. Luckily, early findings have confirmed science-backed benefits in a handful of ingredients so far.

Watch below for a quick overview of adaptogens, and how they may be helpful for you:

Because there are many different types of adaptogens, the wisest next step is to meet with a licensed healthcare practitioner who specializes in integrative medicine or nutrition to be sure you’re matched with the right herb and the right dosage for your body.

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