These Funny, Quirky Gifts Are Perfect for Food Lovers

Struggling to find a gift that isn't bland, basic or boring? These uncommon gifts are so much fun, you'll have as much fun picking them out as your giftees will using them.

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If you’re gift shopping for a foodie, it isn’t exactly easy – most gifts are the same old stuff, like cookbooks, kitchen gadgets and food subscription services. And these gifts are all examples of safe and popular options. Don’t get me wrong, those are all great! But you can get creative with your friend’s love of food by opting for some unusual gift choices that will be hard to forget. 

Here are some fun, creative and kind of genius gift ideas to consider for food lovers instead.

Bagel Guillotine

Why cut your bagel the old fashioned way with a knife when you can use an 18th-century torture device instead? A bagel guillotine will make meal prep a lot more dramatic and exciting. As unnecessary as this food gadget may seem, the giftee will benefit from precisely sliced bagels that make it totally worthwhile. $23.28,

Tiny Cooking Tools

If you spend enough time on social media, you will eventually come across a Tiny Kitchen video that’s about as cute as cooking can be. These videos create bite-sized foods with the tiniest tools that are less about practicality and more about looking adorable. 

Your foodie friends can make their own mini food creations in the kitchen with the help of a Tiny Baking Tool Kit. It comes with a little roller, spoons and even a recipe book that will result in the teensiest and tasty foods. $19.99,

Fried Chicken Necklace

There’s nothing like a piece of fine jewelry to let someone know you love them. Or, in this case, a non-edible fried chicken necklace that has no actual diamond or precious gems in it. Regardless, this wearable gift is sure to make someone laugh at first glance and jazz up future outfits. $27.74,

For a vegetarian-friendly option, the pancake shaped necklace from tinyhands on Etsy is a cute piece too. You can browse through a lot more food necklaces on Etsy to find the perfect food for that special someone! $23.80,

Food Themed Earrings

While we’re on the topic of jewelry, perhaps your friend has a preference for earrings. The Jewelry Vine sells a variety of sweet studs. Some are sterling silver, while others are made up of solid yellow gold. From pineapple to cherries to ice cream to cupcakes, compare the different options that will best serve your foodie friend’s sweet tooth. Prices vary, 

Airpod Cases

For that friend who carries their Apple Airpods with them everywhere, consider buying them a new case. The Cotoroo Etsy shop sells handmade Airpod cases designed in the shape of food and drinks. There are two dozen designs to choose from, some of which include Skippy peanut butter, a bottle of Fiji water and even a can of Heinz baked beans. $11.70,

Food Shaped Candles

Picture this: You come home after a long day at work, whip up dinner and light up a candle for some relaxation. Only instead of using your average candlestick, the candle is in the shape of your favorite food.  

These quirky-looking candles deliver exactly that. The online retailer sells a variety of scented candles in the shape of muffins, frying pans, cherry pie, and lots more. Just remind your buddy to inhale with their nose and not their mouth. $7.95 to $19.95,

Celebrity Cookie Cutters

Who wouldn’t want to bake and decorate cookies to look like a celebrity? These celebrity cookie cutters make a perfect gift for food lovers and pop culture enthusiasts. Some standout options include Michael Jackson striking a pose, Marilyn Monroe’s windy silhouette, Drake, and Beyonce. There’s even some Hamilton characters to consider if your friend is a fan of Broadway. $3 and up,

3-in-1 Breakfast Station

Do you know a foodie who’s obsessed with breakfast? If so, a three-in-one breakfast station is exactly what their kitchen is missing. It can brew coffee, fry eggs on the griddle, and toast bread all at the same time! Not only will its retro aesthetic look great on the kitchen counter, but it will also be insanely convenient for someone who requires a hearty meal in the morning. $149,

McDonald’s Merchandise

The world’s most popular fast food chain sells more than just fries, burgers and chicken nuggets. There’s also a permanent online store called Golden Arches Unlimited. From patterned socks to Big Mac-shaped bags to stainless steel tumblers, your friend can enjoy McDonald’s every day without actually having to eat it. There’s even summer swag swim trunks and pool floaties to check out.

If you’re looking for something nostalgic that will remind friends of their childhood, you won’t want to miss the figurines of the Hamburglar, Ronald McDonald and Grimace. Prices vary,

Novelty Oven Mitts

Make your friend laugh every time they grab something from the oven by giving them some novelty oven mitts. Blue Q sells a bunch of patterned oven mitts with funny (and some NSFW) statements. “Whatever Happens We’re Eating It” and “My Favorite Salad Is Wine” are just some of the oven mitt themes available for purchase, which are perfect for a person with a wacky sense of humor. $14.99,

Need more ideas and inspiration as you pick out the perfect gifts for food lovers in your life? Check out these gift guides:

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