Day 10: Grow An Herb Garden In Any Space

And save money and plastic

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What’s up Green14’ers?! How are you feeling on day 10 of the challenge? Probably like an eco hero in the making by now.

Are you an herb lover like I am? I personally can never get enough herbs and try to put them in and on just about anything I can. Some of my faves are cilantro, basil, rosemary, parley, dill and thyme. Herbs truly make dishes sing! But at the supermarket, herbs are the most expensive by weight and lowest quality compared to their homegrown counterparts. A small bunch of fresh herbs can cost $2 to $3 for just a few measly sprigs. By growing your own herbs at home, you’ll save money, you’ll get a ton more and the quality will be lush, gorgeous and even more flavorful.

Whether you live in a house with a big yard or an apartment with a tiny balcony, you can have a flourishing herb garden of your own. One of our favorite types of gardens? A container garden. Especially when it comes to herbs.

So, why use containers?

There’s certainly nothing wrong with planting herbs directly in the ground, but we love using containers because you can move them around your yard or balcony. One of your herbs wants more sun? Simply drag the container over to the sunny spot. You can also place them right near the door for convenience. Plus, you can repurpose old containers or unexpected vessels to plant herbs (inside a tire, anyone? old toys?); they just need to have holes in the bottom for drainage. You’ll want to look for pots with at least 8 to 10 inches of space around each plant.

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