Shortcut Cooking with Your Waffle Maker

That waffle iron can do lots more than make waffles, starting with this 5-minute egg dinner.

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How to Make Waffle Iron Omelets
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Did you know you’ve got a little-used, counter-top appliance that can help you make breakfast, lunch and even dinner in minutes? Yet this magic tool sits lonely on a shelf until a holiday weekend.

We’re talking about your waffle iron!

Think about it like this: a waffle iron is just a counter-top grill. Since the iron heats from the top and bottom, it can cook fast without a lot of mess.

A waffle iron can make perfect omelets and savory veggie pancakes. You can even cook bacon strips right in the waffle iron on high with the lid closed. It takes about 4 minutes. Done.

Do that, then make an omelet. An omelet? Okay, uncle, uncle. We confess. When you shut the waffle-iron lid on a beaten-egg mixture, you’ll be making a cross between an omelet and a frittata. But the texture is a little flatter and more compact, making it omelet like.

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Even with nonstick plates, it requires a quick spray of coconut or olive oil. But then you’re good to go. Beat a couple of eggs in a small bowl with a fork until well blended, season it with a little sea salt, some ground black pepper, and/or fresh herbs of your choice. Heat the iron on high. Pour in the beaten egg mixture, close the lid, and in less than 1 minute you’ll have a light and fluffy omelet. You can even add veggies and cheese—the whole range of omelet goodies.

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