2019 Clean Choice Awards: Beverages

Inventive flavor combinations and purified ingredient lists made sipping something to savor.

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Brooklyn Crafted 7 oz. Extra Spicy Ginger Beer

Reader’s Choice Winner

Bright & Bubbly

Brooklyn Crafted 7 oz. Extra Spicy Ginger Beer is a piquant and zingy sipper that was a handsdown favorite at our reader’s choice event. The fizzy bevvy makes a perfect pairing with salty snacks. $2, drinkbrooklyncrafted.com

Elmhurst Unsweetened Milked Cashews

Cashew Craving

With no gums or emulsifiers, Elmhurst Unsweetened Milked Cashews is the ideal alt to add to drinks or to sip on its own. The drink is chock-full of nuts, containing five times more than the average, and it also froths up fantastically. $6, elmhurst1925.com

Simply Organic Pre-Brew Spices in Cinnamon Spices

Better Brew

Up your java game with Simply Organic Pre-Brew Spices in Cinnamon Spices. This warming blend contains Ceylon cinnamon and orange peel and has been mixed to complement light roasts. Add a teaspoon to ground coffee before brewing and enjoy. $9, simplyorganic.com

Mash-Up Coffee Sumatra + Peru

Rare Roast

Combining two styles of coffee beans, Mash-Up Coffee Sumatra + Peru delivers the best of each. Deep spice notes from Indonesian-grown coffee and chocolate notes imparted from the South American plant blend to form an intoxicating match. $7, mashupcoffee.com

Clear/Cut Phocus

Intense Imbibe

Tired of downing energy drinks full of sugars and additives, John Mittel, a med student, designed Clear/Cut Phocus, made instead with caffeine from green tea extract, infused with natural flavors and sparkling water to hydrate. $2, drinkphocus.com

Cacao Premium Drinking Chocolate

Double Chocolate

An aromatic blend of 68% Bolivian chocolate and 74% Dominican chocolate make up the Cacao Premium Drinking Chocolate. For an intensely rich and decadent drink, simply heat cream and stir in. $25, cacaodrinkchocolate.com

Seedlip Garden 108

Garden Fresh

Using copper still distillation to extract the essence of fresh herbs, Seedlip Garden 108 is a nonalcoholic and unsweetened spirit sure to please teetotalers and lushes alike. An herbal base of rosemary and spearmint and top notes of peas makes it a complex libation. $36, seedlipdrinks-us.com

GT’s Kombucha Enlightened Synergy Pink Lady Basil

A Better Buch

Crisp and refreshing, GT’s Kombucha Enlightened Synergy Pink Lady Basil contains both black and green tea and uses kiwi juice to sweeten. $4, gtslivingfoods.com

Unsweetened Straight Up Tea

Simply Steeped

With no added flavors or sweeteners, Unsweetened Straight Up Tea is pure and simple – water and tea leaves. Our team was impressed by the drink’s satisfying and bright taste. $2, straightuptea.com

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