Top 5 Energy-Enhancing Supplements

In addition to your food, sleep and exercise plans, these supplements can be a boon to your energy levels.

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1. B Vitamins

This group of vitamins helps the body process food into energy and also helps form red blood cells. Deficiencies in B vitamins can cause fatigue.

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2. Herbal Adaptogens

Certain herbs can help the body adapt to stress and other imbalances. Herbal adaptogens that can help with energy include ashwagandha, maca, rhodiola and panax ginseng. Taking herbal adaptogens can be complex, so we recommend consulting a holistic health care professional for advice if you’d like to give these a try.

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3. Omega-3s

Research shows that people who are deficient in omega-3s are more likely to struggle with fatigue as well as mental health issues like depression.

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4. Probiotics

If gut health is lacking, fatigue is imminent. Taking a high-quality probiotic supplement every day can help protect the gut and keep things moving.

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5. Multivitamin/Mineral Supplement

Be sure to choose a high-quality multi that has a spectrum of foundational vitamins and minerals. Also, if iron or magnesium deficiency is an issue, targeted supplements will surely help.

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